Afiq’s 5 Ps in FingerTec: Part 3

‘Afiq’s 5 Ps in FingerTec’ is a 5-part mini-series chronicling the writer’s observations on FingerTec Worldwide through the 5 Ps of marketing as he stumbles along his first year in the company. In Part 3, the writer discusses the Promotion component of the tool. You can read the past installments here: Part 1 · Part 2

Sales-related promotions are only part of it
Any self-respecting Malaysian knows what truly unites the population: Our three (yes, THREE) major shopping seasons in the country. The nationwide shopping periods have been an excellent promotional tool as it helps build Malaysia’s profile as a shopping destination in South East Asia. While FingerTec can only dream of using the country’s abundance of wealth and resources to promote the company, it is not impossible for us to achieve the trifecta of promotional objectives; To present information, increase demand & create product differentiation. On a surface level, most of FingerTec's promotions are done on the Internet while some actually requires our physical presence overseas. As a whole, these efforts can be categorized into sales-related and non-sales promotionsRead more for juicier details

Face it, the word 'Free' itself is good promotion
Discounts, Free Gifts, and Waivers, Oh My!
Over the past 6 months or so, there has been some memorable sales promotions done to encourage more customers to switch and/or stay with the FingerTec family. Special product packages were released during the recent Chinese New Year Celebration while there is currently another offer going on right now that'd get users the Keylock 8800 device as a free gift! What more can you ask for? On top of that, certain waivers are also given based on each customer's situation, making sure that FingerTec's prices remain competitive. These sales promotions, however, are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to FingerTec's holistic promotional efforts. To fully grasp the company's promotions, we need to dive a little deeper into its talent pool. 

Creative Ads That Adds Excitement 
The true bulk of FingerTec's promotions lie in our creative content. Firstly, our Brand-Building team is responsible for all in-house designs leading to the company's advertisements and brochures both online and in printed magazines to create awareness and attract customers to the brand. This is why our marketing materials look so nice! Secondly, the team of copywriters available also creates meaningful content for FingerTec's many social media outlets as well as side projects such as Cubicle World. Together, the two teams synergize to ensure a consistent stream of interesting and informational material for the company to be spread out across the globe. Now that's what we call a super combo!

If marketing is a weapon, then our
warfare has definitely evolved
Closing Thoughts
In today's business world, merely relying on advertisements will no longer cut it. Heavier and more intensive efforts are needed for promotions to have a stronger effect on the target audience. If marketing is a weapon, then our warfare has definitely evolved from sticks and stones to nuclear warheads. As we move further into the future, interesting interaction is integral between a company and its customers in order for them to catch the customers' attention. With that in mind, FingerTec has prepared itself to face these challenges headstrong with its social media projects slated for the end of the year. Promotions aside, you wouldn't want to miss what FingerTec has in store. 

About the writer: Afiq Jauhari is a Malaysian Malay male in his late 20s, previously working in a local banking institution before joining FingerTec Worldwide in December 2012 as a Junior Copywriter. His interests include basketball, comedy and writing; and still dreams of becoming a well-liked, funny basketball coach with a few bestselling books. 

‘Afiq’s 5 Ps in FingerTec’ is a 5-part mini-series chronicling the writer’s observations on FingerTec Worldwide through the 5 Ps of market...