Romancing Convenience & Security

Back in the days, 'Security'
often meant 'Inaccessability
Decades ago, people associated security with heavy metal bars, thick and sturdy latches, and stringent access control. Have you ever watched medieval movies, have you seen their city gates? If that didn’t scream out ‘security’, I don’t know what did. In a way, it reminds me of my childhood home’s door lock. It was a long thick wooden latch that covered the middle of the whole entire door; and it’d probably take an elephant to bang it open. Up until recent times, security providers took pride in projecting the image of ‘security’ together with ‘inaccessibility’. The image of a fierce huge security guard complete with firearms would hinder anybody to initiate something funny. Unless, of course, if you’re Rowan Atkinson.

Nowadays, buildings such as Berlin’s Das Science Center
 Medizintechnik are becoming more sophisticated
Today, however, security system implementations have been gaining momentum not only in the vertical industries but it has also been widely spread throughout small and medium industries around the world. And even though the bar has been set at a level high for security, its deployment has taken a different turn towards convenience. No, we’re not making it easier for everyone to gain access, but the point still stands. The challenges of today’s security differ from its predecessor. Buildings have become more sophisticated; glass is now a preferred material for walls, the open-concept office is sought-after to project openness and transparency, and people constantly go in and out of the office. Hence, ironic as it sounds, accessibility is now key to security.

Balancing between convenience and security
may not be as easy as it seems
The challenge then is, while not compromising on functionality, for a security provider to deliver a solution that is packed with convenience, has seamless integration but does not neglect the aesthetic values in hardware design. The goal is to deliver top-notched security without imposing inhospitable situations to the staff and customers accessing the space. To perform the balancing act between convenience and security takes more than understanding about locks and barriers, providers need to dig deeper into the human aspects to create smooth security solutions acceptable by the masses. The good news is many conventional security brands have started moving towards combining these expectations into their products, including our brand FingerTec.

In my humble opinion, if we can deliver both, why sacrifice one for the other? Security has indeed gotten smarter and right around the corner; FingerTec will be launching its latest products to the world, s-Kadex, H3i and Keylock 7700. Combining security and convenience has never looked this good.

By Norana Johar, COO, FingerTec HQ

Back in the days, 'Security' often meant 'Inaccessability Decades ago, people associated security with heavy metal bars, th...