Now that your company has installed the latest technology such as biometrics fingerprint system to monitor and manage staff’s time attendance with the system constantly providing information about who is absent, the frequency and reasons of the absent; what’s next in line?

The availability of this attendance data can easily help you identify any disturbing patterns and address the problem head-on by having a clear and precise attendance policy indicating this issue in specific to avoid absenteeism from disrupting the company’s operation in the future.

First and foremost, a company needs a written attendance policy that covers from the kind of tool being used to record attendance to how to use it, when to use it, where the tool is located and consequences of not using it properly. Each staff needs to know that this tool exists and the way to use it properly in order to generate correct attendance data. The tool and the process must be specified in the handbook to avoid confusion or the risk of employees claiming misinformation. It is important to stress to everybody that the rules and policies would apply fairly across the company to avoid discrimination lawsuits coming your way. If in case management staff is subjected to a slightly different treatment, spell it out to avoid complications in the future.

Sample Attendance Policy for a company, it could be as comprehensive or as simple as you want it to be. 
Once this has been firmly established, how do you identify who are the repeat absentees? This is where the time attendance software and its reports come in handy. Refer to the attendance sheet, generate tardiness reports, weigh in the excuses given and by now you can figure out the hardcore absentees in your organization that needs to be dealt with. The employer can also quantify the absences into dollars and cents to justify the impact of excessive absence of an employee. When the company has established that the reasons provided are not legit or borderline ridiculous, the next step is for HR to address the situation, according to what has been written and laid down on your attendance policy about committing excessive tardiness. The remedy of tardiness should be spelled out clearly and in stages for clear understanding and easy implementation.

Start with verbal counseling to give the employee an advantage from having a paper record that will go permanently into their employment record. However, when discussion fails to resolve the matter at hand, a formal disciplinary write-up needs to be drawn to address this issue seriously. Depending on the frequency of the written warnings in your tardiness remedy, the objective is always to encourage the employee to show effort towards improvement.

By having a clear and precise attendance policy in place on how to tackle tardiness, both parties now know what are the consequences involved if such cases occur and the company can control the problem from escalating and causing further loss and disruption of company operations.

Now is the chance to inspect and examine your attendance policy and tweak what’s necessary to combat truant behaviors at the workplace.

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Now that your company has installed the latest technology such as biometrics fingerprint system to monitor and manage staff’s time attendan...



Businesses are always looking for cost cutting measures for improved bottom line. There are many aspects to business that need to be considered and for a new company with a small setup; cost is definitely a large factor in determining success or failure of an endeavor.

While employing staff is crucial for a business, are managing them require a dedicated system that can ensure high ROI or businesses could employ a casual approach towards staff management?

To answer this question, we need to examine 5 common problems with staff in any business setup.

Tardiness – Lateness is a common problem for employees because to them it’s just minutes. What they failed to realize is how those minutes impacted their business in a short and long term. It’s pretty daunting to come to a diner to have a breakfast without a server taking your orders. Clients’ queries and orders might get hold up because of tardiness, which in turn will affect the company’s image in a long run. Those minutes

Absence – Absence with and without reasons are problems for any business. An employee is hired for a reason and with his/her absence, that job needs a replacement or a part of the business is getting ignored. Apart from the absence with valid reasons, employers need to deal with creative employees who always come forward with all kinds of excuses to be entitled to an absence.

Hours Calculation – Not all hours are created equal. One hour of overtime on a Sunday will cause a company thrice the amount of wage and one hour at night might cost a different rate. If we take those different rate hours out of the equation, do you really get what you are paying for during those normal working hours? To determine this, you need to ask these questions. Do your staffs take longer breaks? Do they loiter outside to smoke? How many minutes they take for late clock in and early clock out? Say in total, they take around 30 minutes per day, and the workday is 22, you have just lost 11 hours. Given the salary is around USD8 per hour, the company has just lost USD88 from that employee.

Employee Details – In India recently, there was a case involving a taxi driver that allegedly raped a passenger. The driver was employed by a taxi company, which fails to notice that he has a prior criminal record and this has resulted in the taxi company’s license suspension and causing many staff to lose their jobs. Knowing what to ask and keeping employee details is essential in any business setup to avoid legal complications in the future.

Effectiveness – Who’s going to deal with the staff attendance data at the end of the month? How is it going to be tallied? Are the company getting the ROI from this employments? And if problems occur, what’s the system of data retrieval and remedy? 

The investment in Time Attendance system shouldn’t be extravagantly large but it has to be effective and be able to provide you with the report on ROI. Biometrics time attendance such as TA500 is a very effective tool to provide you with deliverables. The use of fingerprint technology as the main method of verification gives assurance that you get honest data. If one staff were late, you’d know he’s late without doubt because the system doesn’t allow exchange of cards for buddy punching. TA500 does not require a staff to carry any token around, as fingerprint is easy to verify at anytime without the risk of lost or stolen token. And most importantly, the TA500 system comes bundled with a proven and tested time management solution, TCMSV2 being used around the world for almost 15 years, that is able to provide you from basic data requirement to a complex one if necessary. The data can also be integrated with payroll solution if need be.

At the end of the day, the TA500 Fingerprint Time Attendance system provides a company with clear picture of its human resource investment, problems the company is having with staff management and from that solutions could be proposed and implemented for a better bottom line.

TA500 is not only loaded with advanced technology, it's also made affordable
If you are interested to learn further on the product’s specifications, the brochure is available at http://www.fingertec.com/images/brochure/TA500-E.pdf and feel free to contact us at info@fingertec.com to purchase.  

Businesses are always looking for cost cutting measures for improved bottom line. There are many aspects to business that need to be consid...