5 Reasons Why TimeTec Cloud is An Awesome Attendance System

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The concept of cloud technology is simple, data is stored in a distant server and you can access to your account through the Internet at all times. For example, you can wake up at 3am and check your Gmail for no apparent reason. Or you can access to your Facebook account and stalk other people’s profiles just for the fun of it. 

TimeTec Cloud’s concept is no different, the only thing that differs is that you are using this to better your business! To put it simply, it is a cloud application for time and attendance that you can hook up to biometrics products for the purpose of gathering attendance data from a staff. Once the data has been gathered, it is then made available online for further processing. If you are in Human Resources, TimeTec Cloud can do wonders for you. While checking attendance online goes without saying with TimeTec Cloud, we have to say that the software features are definitely what makes TimeTec Cloud stand out above the rest as part of the value-added services provided to its subscribers.

ONE: It’s Loaded with Great Features – For those who are working in labor intensive industries or industry that requires flexible labor, tracking time can be cumbersome. If it’s not done properly or monitored extensively, it could lead to a monetary loss.  Here’s a simple calculation for you to ponder over:  if working for an hour is equivalent to USD1, in the instance that 100 workers decided to ‘steal’ an hour each for their own personal activities, the company has already lost USD100 just from that simple action! So what can one do to stop such tactics from being employed? That’s where Time Tec Cloud comes in. TimeTec Cloud is loaded with comprehensive scheduling, lunch and break settings as well as shift overtime management to deal with various requirements in the working place to ensure effective time management. And TimeTec can provide you just that and more. Just head to http://www.timeteccloud.com/features to learn what TimeTec Cloud can do.

TWO: It’s Biometric-cally Cool – TimeTec Cloud can be integrated with FingerTec’s biometric attendance gadgets whereby a scan of a fingerprint can capture one’s attendance time, record it and make it available online. For example, the data is just similar to the one that is linked to a proximity card attendance system. The only difference is that the data that is received from biometrics products is much more trustworthy. Fingerprint data operates on a you-are-you concept and no exchanges of information between users are allowed within the system.

THREE: It Can Track Where You Are – Apart from its ability to be used in biometrics, TimeTec Cloud has a mobile application, TimeTec Mobile which will record the geolocation of where a staff checks in. The app can tell you if your staff is actually at McDonald’s when he was supposed to be somewhere else. Clocking your attendance is now made much easier with smart gadgets that are utilizing Android or iOS and Blackberry.

FOUR: It’s the Trend – Time and Attendance system has long evolved from manual clocking which utilizes traditional methods such as signatures to time punch card, then to electronic card and biometrics. However, the most important factor to consider in a time attendance system is the accessibility of data for interpretation and processing for payroll and human resources activities.  What traditional time clocks couldn’t do is now made possible with the advent of cloud-based time attendance.  

FIVE: It’s Dirt Cheap – At USD2 per person monthly, it can’t get any cheaper than that considering years of development that we have spent perfecting it. And this does not include the many great features offered at that price too. Apart from that, it is also available online for the whole company to use whenever, wherever.

All in all, if you are a company that is looking to implement a cost-friendly and efficient time attendance system in your company, try TimeTec Cloud. We provide FREE 30-day trial with no obligation. Sign up with us now and find out for yourself!

TimeTec Cloud : Your Ideal Time Attendance Software Solution

By Ms. Nattalina Zainal, TimeTec Cloud Marketing Manager, FingerTec HQ

The concept of cloud technology is simple, data is stored in a distant server and you can access to your account through the I...


Running FingerTec Like A Publishing House

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Who runs technology business like a publishing house? We do. Are you surprised? I bet so.

Back in 2005 when I decided to relinquish the non-performing publishing business unit in a subsidiary company, the editorial team was transferred to FingerTec to take charge of the brand’s branding activities and the websites. The team comprised of a few writers, editors and graphic designers.

As a CEO, I assumed the role of de facto chief editor with a vision of FingerTec making great headlines at all times. With this in mind, every product’s image was carefully taken care of not only in terms of the product quality but also in every other aspect of the product which is equally as significant.

The aspects covered include conceptualizing what type of photos are the ones that needs to be taken, the product copy and selecting the images that best portray the product. Being a stickler for details meant putting in a large amount of effort to revamp the image of FingerTec products. From the then plain and banal brand, it has now metamorphosed into a sophisticated brand that is known for products that are futuristic and user-friendly.

Today, that same editorial team fills some of the top posts in FingerTec. Norana Johar was promoted from sub-editor to Chief Operating Officer and Tamy Phoon to Senior Sales Manager. Even after almost a decade, we still carry on the business like running a publishing house and we are proud of it.

Products need explanations; even food products require explanation on how it should be consumed plus some cooking suggestions.  Good writing helps in producing quality tips, user guides and training materials. To construct and market FingerTec as a brand, we need excellent writing, great copies, concepts and fulfillments. And, to enter different markets and countries, translation is another transformation that is inevitable to reach greater audience. Anyhow, the master copy must be of decent quality for good translations.

Through the writing processes and editorial workflows, we introduced our monthly e-newsletter since 2007 as our marketing tool, which has lasted for seven years now. For the past three years, we have been introducing our Annual Magazine to be distributed globally through exhibitions and our clients. All this can’t be achieved smoothly if we have a team that doesn’t write.

And in this business, website is king. Some people might disagree with me looking at many of those who are using websites to simply list their products and technical info, alongside their company profiles. But, to think that we would just settle for simple information on the website is just plain wrong. Of course the objective is not as easy as that, the target was to make it as comprehensive and as interactive as possible for our clients who indulge in finding information. Who would be better suited for this task? Definitely the editorial team cum marketing that does not only know the inside out of our products, but also understand the need to market them right.

The decline of newspapers, print media or publishers is foreseeable in the Internet era. The soaring newsprint prices, slumping ad sales and precipitous drops in circulation were clear indications of the downfall. But life will find its way, truly enough, besides the emerging online media.  The editorial profession have shifted to find its place in a lot other industries in the Internet era. The closure of our publishing unit marked the beginning of utilization of editorial skill in a different perspective, an effort that was proven to be genius in its own right.

From our experience, in order to maintain a dynamic marketing strategy as a driving force for the business, our editorial team definitely is the answer.

By Teh Hon Seng, CEO, FingerTec HQ

Who runs technology business like a publishing house? We do. Are you surprised? I bet so. Back in 2005 when I decided to relinquish the ...


Customer Engagement: Rule 1-2-1


To reject the notion that the impact of social media’s utilization within businesses has played a pivotal role in our world today would be contradictory to our blog page. In recognition of its capacity to reach audiences far and wide, social media has changed how we perceive information.

In spite of our acceptance of social media, we should ask ourselves what are we using social media for? What are our intention(s) for it? Does social media engage customers on a personal level? Do we see it as an intellectual tool for conveying information or a form of communication? Quoted by Sydney J Harris, an American Journalist born in 1917, an era before the rise of social media, writes “the two words, “information” and “communication” are often used interchangeably, but they signify quite different things. Information is giving out, communication is getting through”.

One of these words will score big

If you have a look at the image (sourced from Domo) in my previous article titled “Big Data’s Value for All Businesses”, you can deduce from the figures that information is in abundance. Without a doubt, information educates but does it communicate? To look at it from a different perspective, is to be serviced slowly turning to self-service?

I think i prefer to be serviced

Consumers have the freedom to do their own research and come to their own conclusions. But is self-service better for both the company and the consumer? How can we be certain that our consumers understand the message(s) we are trying to convey?

I believe, even with our deep embrace of social media, we should still seek to service and engage our customers on an interpersonal level. Surveys, feedbacks and questionnaires are all different forms of engagement, but they lack an active presence. That’s why at Fingertec; we are actively engaging our customers to service them better by conversing with a person either by email or Skype. We’re here to find out what you want and what solutions we can offer to help you, personally.

Connecting to the customer is the first step; it’s how you communicate that makes the difference, offer service without referring to self-service. What do I mean? Have a look at these two scenarios:

Engagement to Self-Service
Remain Engaged
Rep: Hi Sam, I’m contacting you because you recently registered for our one-day free course.
Cust: Thanks for contacting me, I did have a look at your website and am wondering what the cost would be to sign up for the full 7 day course?

Rep: No problem Sam, you can find our course fees here at www.coursefreeprice.com.

Cust: Thanks. And what topics will be covered in the course?

Rep: I’m not in the Department that handles the training, so I wouldn’t be able to give you accurate information, but you can find all the topics we cover at www.coursefreetopics.com
Rep: Hi Sam, I’m contacting you because our records indicate you have shown an interest in our 7-day course by registering for our one-day free course? Can I help you with making a decision?

Cust: Thanks for your email. I had a look at your website and am wondering how much the 7-day course is going to cost me?

Rep: No problem Sam, well, our 7-day course is $10 a day for a total of $70 over 7 days. If you’d like to read more on the costing, you can visit www.coursefreeprice.com or let me know.

Cust: Thanks for the information. So for $70, what topics will be covered?

Rep: The primary focus of our course will be on “Customer Engagement”. However as I’m not in the Department, I won’t be able to tell you what other areas are going to be covered. Let me speak to the appropriate Department and I will get back to you?

The great thing about this type of personalized engagement, is that you can practice it regardless of the industry, department or product you represent, be it ICT, Construction, Accounting, Advertising, Marketing, Sales, Hardware, Software etc. Every company has customers, and every customer is seeking a company.

The move to engage our customers on a personal level came about with the release of our TimeTec Cloud time attendance SaaS (Software as a Service). We take the term Saa-Service seriously, and intend to continue with this approach. You can say, we know what its like to be on both side of the fence. 

Are you ready to be engaged?

If you are interested in knowing how engrossed we are in you and want to experience engagement at a whole new level, please don’t hesitate to try our Timetec Cloud, not only do we offer a 30 days free trial, but by registering, you are letting us know who you are. 
Just remember, finding out how your customers think and what they want will give you valuable insights to further the growth of your business. Information without communication has no value. Don’t let your customers walk away.

 By Justin Goh, Analyst, FingerTec HQ

To reject the notion that the impact of social media’s utilization within businesses has played a pivotal role in our worl...