Smartphones Incorporated

There has always been a line separating one’s professional and personal lives until smartphones come along and make it blurry. When Apple debuted iPhone with it vast possibilities in mobile applications, people and businesses around the world rushed to build applications for almost everything. There are tons of office productivity apps out there waiting to be adopted. And organizations are constantly finding ways to make work processes more effective through smartphone applications for the benefits of the management and the employees alike. Nowadays, emails are coming through smartphones (because admit it, it’s simply easier to check emails on the phone than from a laptop) and you can easily consolidate your work emails and personal ones in one mailbox, and prioritize the senders. Microsoft has gone mobile with its Office software, making opening and editing Microsoft files a breeze from your smartphones, an impossible task to master 10 years back even when you were using a laptop.

Further tapping on the smartphone technology, workforce management Apps like TimeTec TA (Time & Attendance) is making its way to modern organizations where employees can clock their work times using various methods like Beacon technology, GPS and NFC tag. And from the smartphone also, the staff can check his/her work schedule, leaves, off-duty days, work performance and more for better management and improved transparency. All these features are available at a minimal rate and a lot of convenient. Leave management on a smartphone for example, allows application and approval from an app, checking of leave allowances, accrual and more. Basically, tasks that were administered by admin personnel in the office only can now be made simpler and faster through the wonders of apps and smartphones.

However, the smarter the phone gets, the more power it requires, forcing many to start carrying external or extra batteries. High technology like smartphone aka the pocket computer has room for improvement in terms of power consumption, radiation, and heat emission. Since the world’s smartphone ownership rates are rising at an exceptional speed, perhaps the Green phone, hybrid or solar powered phones are some of the things the IT world needs to explore for our better future.

In a nutshell, smartphones have become integral at the workplace because companies have made it compulsory for employees to bring one to the office for various reasons. Smartphone can no longer be considered one’s personal property; its functions has evolved and become a work tool for today’s labor (whether you like it or not). 

There has always been a line separating one’s professional and personal lives until smartphones come along and make it blurry. When Ap...