6 Handy Housekeeping Tips for TCMS V2

I wish I've done housekeeping before!
MYTH: So long as the software works, don’t fix it.
FACT: It’s a disaster waiting to happen. Imagine not cleaning your house for 6 months. Yes, that’s the reaction I’m looking for. The same applies to TCMS V2.
SYMPTOMS: You start to experience snail-speed performance when viewing attendance sheet and downloading clocking data from USB. If you are lucky, you might even get to experience a ‘hang’ during editing of Attendance Sheet.
REMEDY: I strongly recommend you to perform housekeeping for your TCMS V2 software once every 3 months to keep it performing at an optimal level. Read more for my 6 Handy Housekeeping Tips compiled for your easy reference.

Housekeeping Tip No. 1
Don’t keep on piling data in one place, it’ll be messy!
Transfer attendance data from attendance sheet to history attendance.

The TCMS V2 might respond slower or lag if it is carrying too heavy a load of transaction data. This is particularly observed while generating the Attendance sheet. It is recommended to transfer the transaction data from the Attendance Sheet into the History folder once every 3 months to attain optimum performance for the TCMS V2 software.

This is how you do it. In attendance sheet, click “To History” button> Select all user and the date range to transfer the data to History attendance > Click “To History” button.

The attendance data will appear in History attendance after the process is complete. The attendance data transferred to the history attendance can still be viewed from the Reports.

Housekeeping Tip No. 2
When was the last time you performed maintenance on your computer? If you can’t remember, I suggest you do it now and 3 months once.

A routine maintenance on the computer will prolong its usage lifetime and decrease the gradual performance loss. Below are a few examples to keep the computer in tiptop condition:

a-    Update the computer with the latest Anti-Virus data files and scan for virus regularly.
b-    Scan and remove Spyware/Adware.
c-    Delete temporary files and browser cache.
d-    Run Disc Defragmenter on the system volume.

Housekeeping Tip No. 3
Let bygones be bygones. Remove previous year clocking data from terminal data audit list.

a-    Backup database. To backup database:
i-           Go to system configuration.
ii-          Double click at Backup/restore database.
iii-         Select backup database and click the apply button.
iv-         You may find the backup database in a .ZIP file at the backup folder in the TCMSv2 folder.
b-    In terminal data audit list, click the “Delete” button> Select all user> Insert date range> click the “Delete” button.

c-    If you want to use the old clocking data in the future, you can use the restore option function to restore the data audit list from the backup database.

Housekeeping Tip No. 4
Let’s get rid of .CLK files in your system

When Gateway AntiVirus locks a file, the locked file remains attached to the email message, but the file has an appended .CLK file extension. We don’t need these files, so let’s find them and get rid of them.

a-    Close the TCMS V2 software. Open the TCMSv2 folder from your computer and look for CONFIG.INI. Double click to open the file.

b-    Change KeepClkHistory to 0 as shown in the picture.

c-    Save the changes.

Housekeeping Tip No. 5
Two is better than one, always! Backup your database.  

You can restore the database from the backup if your PC crashes or experiences problems in the future. Without the database backup, you will not be able to retrieve previous data.

To backup database:
a-    Go to System Settings.
b-    Double click at Backup/Restore database files.
c-    Select Backup Database, and click the Apply button.
d-    You may find the backup database in a zip file at the backup folder in the TCMSv2 folder.
e-    You can also perform automatic backup of the database every day at a specific time specified by you. The TCMS V2 will perform the backup accordingly. 

Housekeeping Tip No. 6
With the USB method, data remains after download to software. You need to delete attendance log in the terminal to reduce the burden.

When you are using a USB flash disk to download clocking data, the clocking data will remain in the terminal and not be automatically deleted.

This causes longer times when you download the clocking data from the USB to the TCMS V2 software because the pen drive will contain previous clocking data as well.

You can remove the existing clocking data at the terminal after downloading it to the TCMS V2 software and save the pen drive file at your PC for backup.
You can delete the attendance log at Menu> Option> System Option> Advanced Option> Delete att log for (black/white LCD) terminal and delete the attendance log at menu> System> Data Management> Delete att log.

There you go. Don’t forget, schedule housekeeping activities at least once every 3 months to run a stable and uninterrupted software operation!

Written by Aidid Sharulzaman Arifin, FingerTec HQ, Head of Support 

I wish I've done housekeeping before! MYTH: So long as the software works, don’t fix it. FACT: It’s a disaster waiti...


  1. Indeed it's an amazing !! Thanks alot for the support @Aidid Sharulzaman Arifin

  2. Tjanksbfor supporting , but really its a big mistake that I brought face id 2 too much errors especially in printing

  3. Tjanksbfor supporting , but really its a big mistake that I brought face id 2 too much errors especially in printing

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