#trendinginreallife is Harder than Most People Think

Follow other's footsteps, or make your own?
“I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing that brand,” might sound like it comes from a conceited person but the truth is, most of us apply this rule in our lives in some way or other. Every decision made on our choices and purchases defines who we are and our priorities in life. Eva Mendes or Pamela Anderson would rather go cloth-less than wearing anything made from animal on their bodies, I reckon. A CEO of a listed company definitely wants to be seen driving the latest model of a BMW or an Audi and buy a property in a high-profile neighborhood. An environmentalist would prefer a Prius than a car that boasts on horsepowers. Whether you agree or not, we are continuously branding ourselves every step of our way, building an image for the world to see.

In professional and personal lives, we constantly project perceptions by the brands we choose and, vice versa, perceive other people by the brands they choose.

It is in our nature to display our existence in a certain way, some more flaunting than the others. Hence, it is no secret that marketing efforts take advantage of this motivation to lure consumers with various carefully planned product lines. The question that all marketers want to know the precise answer to it is, “What are the trends of today’s generations?” To position marketing campaigns in the middle of the answer’s bell curve is definitely where most brands want to be with the objective to capture the largest market possible. Regardless of which industry you are coming from, the answer to this question is vital to your business.

Knowing the trend, you ought to be certain about your product positioning in the market, horizontal or vertical, upmarket or mass? Plus, have you, as a brand, been providing your target clients with what they want before they even know that they needed it, or are you merely responding to what’s been going on in the current market?

Are you moving in the right direction?
Apple shook the mobile multi-billion dollar world with the unveiling of its cool touch screen iPhones that can do almost everything except maybe alter your IQ level (although I bet someone’s already coming up with an app for that in the future). The iPhones swept the world off its feet and later on, the other brands dragged their legs along, leaving behind the likes of Nokia to play catch-up. Lately, Samsung has been showing Apple the meaning of coolness being hip and taken over the reign of the Smartphone kingdom with ads that specifically define their audience as hip, leaving Apple with the need to brainstorm new marketing ploys. Facebook for example, has started charging users who wish to broadcast their ads to the world. They altered their pages to include this feature and the audiences who receive ‘free’ social network service had to accommodate, grouchily or not. Facebook tailors their business to suit the trend and they have done it successfully knowing that their members are hooked to their service.

In business, every brand wants to be a trendsetter but to accomplish this, you’d need a lot of intel. FingerTec is amongst the pioneers that paved the way for biometrics products in the commercial market, although to stay in the trendsetter role is not easy when many other opportunists have jumped on the bandwagon. TimeTec Cloud is our next attempt to set the trend in remote server biometrics system implementation around the world, after carefully weighing the needs of the market. Even though we anticipate challenges, there is always an advantage to being the first few. In the next 5-year period, we expect more and more brands would be offering cloud applications to the market, yet it is our aspiration that FingerTec would be one of the brand that leads the way. A trailblazer, shall we say?

by Norana Johar, COO, FingerTec HQ

Follow other's footsteps, or make your own? “I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing that brand,” might sound like it comes f...