Forget “Sorry” - Goodbye is Definitely the Harder Word

Two years and ten months.

Time passes really quickly when you have a job. I still remember the day I came in for an interview with my immediate superior, Ms. Norana Johar, scared as hell, not sure about what I should and shouldn’t say. I think I tried on about more or less a gazillion outfits that day, before choosing a combination of a black skirt with a dark blue/black top. Exciting colors, huh? Fresh out of Uni I was in a rush to start working then, and I must say, working at FingerTec was one of the best rash decisions I’ve ever made in my life.

After all, if I didn’t choose this job, I wouldn’t have the two strands of precious white hair now protruding out proudly from my scalp, occasionally waving hello to my parents and relatives, reminding them that my purpose in life should be looking for a husband.

Of course, I am only kidding: Its three strands.

You see, the first serious job is a very defining moment for a person. It either fills you with self-assurance and confidence, or it leaves you crying secretly in the bathroom. It’s the moment you choose your life path and make those tough career decisions. It’s the moment you step into an adult world and are forced to face adult tasks, adult conflicts, and adult eating hours. And I think more than anything, that’s what FingerTec has done for me. But most of all it gave me the confidence to step back into the unknown, and to re-explore my options.

While passing down my work to my colleagues, I realize that this is also another kind of defining moment: Learning the adult way of saying goodbye. Sure, I can just drop everything and leave – if I want voodoo dolls to be made of me! Even though one may not be facing the company or its colleagues anytime again, one should still pull through work assignments, and pull it through at their best. It shows responsibility, genuinity and appreciation for your company, and if you happen to need their reference, advice or help in the future, they would be more obliging. It will also help if you extend an acceptable amount of notice time before your last day, while offering to train up your replacement if any, to give you extra brownie points. And always maintain professionalism. No mumbling and grumbling about your company to others, even though it may have been the worst hell you’ve been through in your life. If you make an effort to leave your company gracefully, you’ll find that you have less stress to handle, and less explaining to do to everyone.

An example of what is NOT considered graceful.

AND NEVER EVER NICK OFFICE SUPPLIES. No matter how small. Really.

So, here I am finishing off my last few responsibilities. As I repeatedly press Backspace every few seconds, I realize that I’ll miss my first job, this first job that was a defining moment of my adult life. I’ll miss the ups and downs, the crazy moments, the fun and laughter, and the Facebook hijacks. So to all my colleagues, friends, and even clients and contacts that I’ve come across through my short period in sales and exhibitions overseas, I thank you all for impacting my life the way you have, however minute or immense, and wish you a great future filled with rainbows and toffees and…fingerprint scanners!

By Nisha Tara Naidu, Copywriter, FingerTec HQ

Two years and ten months. Time passes really quickly when you have a job. I still remember the day I came in for an interview with my i...