Thinking About Managing Attendance: 10 Reasons Why TimeTec Cloud is the Best Choice for You

Still contemplating on TimeTec Cloud? Fret not.
Cloud system is the trend these days. A growing number of companies are deploying cloud-computing systems in their operations and many more are considering the same move. According to a recent study of 1,300 U.S and U.K executives, conducted by Rackspace Hosting with support from Manchester Business School in the UK, 58% of the respondents agree that cloud system is cost-saving through avoiding IT infrastructure cost, while 48% of them agreed that cloud systems give them the ability to scale up cost effectively. That, amongst many other reasons, is one of the important of why cloud should be implemented.

Believing cloud is the next best thing, we developed TimeTec Cloud – a cloud-based time attendance management software suitable for all from SMEs to large corporations. The software offers a maximum of 14 columns of records for viewing and checking, 26 types of readily formatted reports, which you can view, save or print in various formats and the flexibility to export the attendance data into CSV or XLS format as input to a 3rd party payroll or software. With TimeTec Cloud, all you need to do is register, set your attendance rules in the application, sync it with the biometrics hardware and you are ready to roll.

Still contemplating on TimeTec Cloud? Fret not. Read more for 10 reasons that make TimeTec Cloud the best choice out there.

Who Doesn’t Like Fast Deployment? – TimeTec Cloud boasts a no-hassle system. Once you’ve decided to deploy the system, all you need to do is register, purchase the licenses, sync it with your terminals, set your attendance schedules and voila! Add and reduce the number of terminals as you like; our system is accommodating.

Invest in Low Upfront Capital Investment – What can you get with USD 1? Not much. Yet, TimeTec Cloud license is priced at USD 1 per person, per license, per month. Easy to count, even easier on your pocket. For every FingerTec biometrics terminal you use, pay a one-off activation charge activation of USD 20 per terminal, and choose a subscription period of either 3, 6 or 12 months, then add or reduce it as you like.

Don't worry, no hidden charges here
No Hidden Charges, Transparent Monthly Payment – TimeTec Cloud is a subscription-based software with fixed charges and expiry date(s) making it easy for finance department to budget and plan the payments strategically and effectively without having to worry about surprising hidden charges along the way.

Get Centralized Attendance System Easily – Managing data from different locations can sometimes be overwhelmingly complicated. With TimeTec Cloud, you’ll get centralized time attendance data from all branches and then view the reports anytime you want without having to wait for a feed from a particular branch.

Access Data from Anywhere, Anytime – As cliché as it might sound, as long as you are connected to the Internet, TimeTec Cloud will be able to provide you with relevant data, be it day or night, sunshine or rain, Christmas or Hanukkah, in sickness or in health, the data is there.

Worry Not with Secure Data – TimeTec Cloud runs on the Amazon EC2, one of the top names for highly reliable environment for cloud computing services to ensure all data is protected through regular maintenance and backup, leaving you with peace of mind.

Improves Workforce and Minimizes HR Operation – Manually keying in data is so 1999, and no company should be burdened by the unnecessary admin job in this time and age. TimeTec Cloud shifts your data automatically online and you’ll get genuine data that is ready to be manipulated for payroll and other HR operations.

Useful Features Made Simple – The last thing you need is a system that’s complicated to operate. It’s a fact that there are many old-timers out there who are technophobic. Hence, a good system should not only be comprehensive in features, they should also be user-friendly. With TimeTec Cloud, a few clicks will get you the results you need.

Our support team pretty much covers the whole globe
Eliminate IT Maintenance and Upgrade Cost – Forget hiring IT specialists for maintenance (and its costs!). One of the benefits of using TimeTec Cloud System is we will do the maintenance and upgrade for you. TimeTec Cloud upgrades are free, and maintenance is done regularly, guaranteeing you constant uptime all the time.

Unlimited Worldwide and Local Support – Support is our priority in this business. It is only logical, then, that our support team is readily available 24/7 in Skype while our partners and resellers are also available worldwide to assist you. 

By Nattalina Zainal, TimeTec Cloud Marketing Manager, FingerTec HQ

Still contemplating on TimeTec Cloud? Fret not. Cloud system is the trend these days. A growing number of companies are d...