Reason Why We Should Focus Beyond Biometrics

A number of people tend to get the impression that our company specializes in fingerprint products and technologies only. Although this perception is not exactly accurate, it is observed that the term ‘biometrics’ looks catchier at first glance and this works in our favour as it becomes the conversational piece for the general audience, making it a useful ice-breaker for market penetration.

Everybody becomes obsessed when they realized their fingerprints actually have power
I agree that without fingerprint technology, it's rather hard for us to penetrate into certain industries. Ideally, we should declare ourselves a solution provider, or an expert in time and attendance, and access control industries. And, biometrics should just be a credential, or a threshold that presents itself as a more sophisticated solution.

My advice to customers, don’t place biometrics as their sole consideration when sourcing for time and attendance or access control solution. Biometrics technology is indeed an important aspect to consider but the right solution is even more crucial when buying the solutions. Instead of only considering the performance of the biometrics readers, they should spend more time studying details of the software to match the actual requirements. It is imperative for customers to list the requirements down and test the software inside out, determine whether it could integrate with the existing payroll system and how works as your access control system in totality.

Pay attention to the solutions more than the hardware
Often times a lot of customers allow themselves to be distracted by the fingerprint technology performance when in reality what they ACTUALLY require is time and attendance system. It has becoming a common belief that when vendors parade their fantastic fingerprint readers, the software that comes along is equally fantastic to handle their T&A requirements. We always receive many questions about biometrics rather than the software before clients conclude the purchase. This, in my opinion, is very wrong. When this happen, clients might be happy with the front end clocking system, but if they are not careful in selecting the software, they might take a lot of time and effort to handle the backend processing. The system might fail to handle the payroll system and at the end of the day, the promise of office automation never takes place.

TimeTec Cloud getting ready for the future. 
After technology and market breakthrough in biometrics, FingerTec has been pouring much of our resources in R&D to complete the time and attendance and access control solutions. We believe that to compete with the real industry players, we have to deliver the real solutions and even so, we must deliver it better even though we came it later. We strongly believe that the advantages of biometrics credential are transient; the bona fide solution will last forever.

Just like how biometric readers replaced some RFID solutions to becoming the new trend in the past decade, biometrics itself might look less appealing when smart phone has the fashionable tendency as a new clocking credential.

That's why we set forth "Beyond biometrics” as our motto, urging customers to go beyond biometrics, because only then they’ll see the full picture and obtain the total solution they have hoped for. 

By Teh Hon Seng, CEO, FingerTec HQ

A number of people tend to get the impression that our company specializes in fingerprint products and technologies only. Although this per...


Big Data's Values for All Businesses

For various businesses, the evolution of big data has improved the accuracy of decision-making and has opened doors to a world of possibilities. Big data analysis is a practice once thought to be possible only by corporations capable of sustaining costly analytical departments, hardware and software.
The term ‘big’ is rather ambiguous. Megabyte, Gigabyte, Petabytes are all historical references for big data. The true value of data isn’t in its vast quantities alone, but rather in the variety and velocity in which data is available. Action Plans can still be made from large volumes of stagnant data, however without variety to increase the accuracy of your decisions, businesses are taking a risk by increasing the probability of wasted time and money. Companies with internal sales and marketing departments are unknowing recipients of big data, stored in the form of weblogs, customer response from advertising, promotions and CRMs such as Salesforce. 
Domo, a Business Intelligence company, created an info-graphic that illustrates how much activity web traffic and applications generate every minute. They determine that for every minute, 517 new websites are created.
Image Source: Domo
The increasing number of participants in social media, such as Facebook & Twitter, data from web traffic, search engines, with the availability of open source CRMs and free analytics tools like Google Analytics are cost effective options available to businesses of any size.
Consistent data that constantly changes is a signal for growth, an aim decision makers hope to achieve. Regardless of the size of one's business, everybody should begin exploring big data to/for:
Understand Customer Needs & Wants
What drives an individual to become your customer? How do you know which area of your business was so impressionable that you were chosen? Have you ever sat down and just patiently observed window shoppers? They move from brand to brand, shop to shop, looking at similar clothing.
Target Customers
Insights gained from analyzed data based on demography; geography, gender, culture, country and even beliefs can help tailor your goal(s) in alignment with your customers. For example, if you have had difficulty marketing an anti-perspirant to Iceland, turning to data can help narrow your focus.
Improve Customer Service
Customer Service is not just providing after sales support or reactively answering customer queries. Big Data allows us to proactively implement additional ‘value’ added services. Remember, it’s not about what we can do for them when they ask; it’s what we can do for them before.

Drive Research & Development
It's a known fact that large corporations spend financially large sums of money on improving their products. Big data for R&D is more about variety and validity and less about volume. By combining real world data with test data through the collection of big data, businesses can research through failures faster and expedite the rate of success.
Other Benefits of Big Data:
Identify Relationships and Patterns
Predict Growth –CRMs
Analyze Social Behaviors – Why they join / leave
Increase Customer Participation – Feedbacks / Reviews
Since the publishing of our blog post on the 5th September 2013 titled “Big Data: The Race is On” by FingerTec’s CEO, we have been amassing large volumes of data to process, evaluate, analyze and have produced actionable plans to meet the growing demands of the biometric industry and our customers with results to show for it. Have a look at our range of clients.

Big data does not discriminate or segregate businesses based on numbers. The decrease in hardware and software costs, accessibility of social media and improvements in technology have made big data a Big deal.
By Justin Goh, Analyst, FingerTec HQ

For various businesses, the evolution of big data has improved the accuracy of decision-making and has open...