The Automated World We Live In

Change in inevitable and for those who refused to change will be left behind. It’s true.

I just came back from my vacation and everything was done self-service at the comfort of our own home and our own pace. Flight tickets were booked and paid online, visa applications were settled and paid online, accommodation bookings were made and paid online, our car for hire were booked and paid online, theme parks ticket were purchased and paid online; okay you get the drift of the ‘doing things online’ bit.

My point is, nowadays people are so used to doing things on their own, online, without hesitation or worry. In fact, it’s becoming uncommon for people to engage with agencies in traveling related matters these days or they might be labeled as ‘old school’ should they continue to do so. Online stores have seeped into our lives, threatening the very existence of brick and mortar shops, and making all-day shopping dream a reality for many women. 

After 8 hours of flight, we arrived at midnight and there was no reception working overtime to wait for us; the cost of labor is too high to wait for a few customers who arrive at wee hours. We were instructed to open a safe and they left us a key to the apartment and a HID tag to enter the building. We did everything on our own without any problems, frustrations or arguments. A big plus point, imho. 

My point is, the world has become automated that we are tuned to be independent. Automation in our life and our workplace are unavoidable. In the office, all departments are using Google Drive to connect shared data with relevant team members. Skype has been one of the most important communication tools to connect us with other colleagues effectively, reducing noise and unnecessary awkwardness and waste of time. Many argued that the automation technology reduces human interactions and development, but believe me, in developing these solutions, user experience, and user interaction have been made priorities. 

When we first started with fingerprint technology, never have we thought that the solution will be available online and on mobile phones. Fast forward 15 years, the solution is on the Internet and mobile, making things easy(er) for everybody. FingerTec allows its data to be viewed online at the comfort of your own space and pace, and managers in charge can think of the effective remedy if any noncompliance and attendance anomalies occur to reduce cost and increase effectiveness of the operation. 

In keeping up with the pace of today's business, FingerTec is offering automation for workforce management with FingerTec biometrics devices and TimeTec TA cloud application. Use our fingerprint and face biometrics product to monitor your workforce and keep an eye on every activity in the paid times without being intrusive with TimeTec TA. 

The world is getting older but somehow, unlike us humans, the world doesn’t seem to slow down. The world doesn’t change in size but somehow; it feels smaller and connected than ever. You can now work from any location in the world and be connected to your office with TimeTec TA. 

We don’t stop there; we carry on with other workforce cloud solutions to serve our clients in the future. 

I know it's cliche but change is truly inevitable and those who resist change will be fixated in time and be left behind. 

Mrs Norana Johar
Group Chief Operating Officer

Change in inevitable and for those who refused to change will be left behind. It’s true. I just came back from my vacation and ever...