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Greetings, How are you? 

I’ve come here responding to your request for assistance. Well, my name is Mr. Email and I’m here to find out what I can do to assist you. I bring with me engaging text written by my content creator to make you feel warm and fuzzy. 

It’s nice to meet you.

"I bring a message from beyond"

How do you feel when you receive an email written in a manner you are convinced your mind was read? You notice it’s from Jim, the local marketing guru from down the street. But how in the world did Jim send a personalized email to every person in the state?

Email marketing is a vintage method of communication. While an exceptional tool capable of delivering clear messages, its popularity is dependent upon the intention of the creator. First, we used it as a replacement for snail mail, then as our broadband speeds and locational coverage expanded, so did our intentions. 

From legitimate sale emails to spam, to receiving emails from Jim telling you why you need a new vacuum cleaner (and everyone else), readers have wisen up over time. We go from reading the content thoroughly, to skimming through, to the point where a majority of emails that we receive in our inbox are given less and less attention.

Should i open them all?

As you can see, we write, a lot. That’s why you, a subscriber, will receive many emails from us within a month. 

For a growing company to persevere and remain competitive in this decade, we have to utilize tools that will increase our efficiency. That’s why we have been working on a series of mailers that will automatically trigger based on your actions and target achievements. 

What targets and achievements? Rewards? Well, the Sales & Marketing team has been working on a Revenue Sharing Scheme. We can’t reveal the full scheme here on the blog, as it’s only available to account holders, however, what we can say, is that it will involve ongoing commission schemes and monetary payments.

So give these mailers the attention they deserve. While they are sent out by our mailing system, each email template was written with the sincerest of intentions to engagement and ensure your queries are answered and rewards will be given for your dedication to TimeTec Cloud. 

Every email you receive by our auto-mailer system was planned and written by a person, and every email sent personally by a member of our staff will always contain their full name and position within the company. We don’t just sign-off with a first name and call it a day, you will know and feel that every email you receive from TimeTec is genuine.
Behind every machine is a Person

Let’s us know what you think about the power of email marketing. 

Are you prepared to expand the number of staff in your company to ensure all emails are personalized or would you prefer to use available technology to do so? Have you begun integrating emails into your marketing strategies for the foreseeable future?
By Justin Goh, Analyst, Fingertec

Greetings, How are you?  I’ve come here responding to your request for assistance. Well, my name is Mr. Email ...


Writing Skill is More Important than Talking Skill in Today’s Business

Digitization in bits and bytes was the fundamental activity for the Information Technology revolution in the 80s and 90s of the last century. In the new millennium, connecting the world to the Internet became the main role for the Information Technology development.
For the former, we witnessed contents readily loaded in its carriers, be it papers, films, cassettes or tapes, be it in text, voice, image or animation format, the contents had vastly be converted into digital data, laid a strong foundation for the information boom and tremendous cost cutting measures for knowledge transfer. While in the Internet era, the latter, by connecting computers and IT devices, the web technology virtually removed all borders and physical distances between customers and companies.    

Digitization & Globalization
For the former, we observed INTEGRATION in different job functions due to digitization. However, for the latter, GLOBALIZATION is the keyword when distance is being compressed to virtually zero.

In the past, you had to setup plenty of physical overseas branches to qualify you as an international company. But in the present days, your business operation can reach every corner of the world even if you are a minute below-10-employee company. Micro-international company is the new vocabulary to describe a small yet Internet savvy company that can achieve global business goal, even without setting up any physical business operation abroad.

Speak & Listen
From digitization to globalization process, there is a change of emphasis in communication skill too from speaking to writing.  This new trend can simply be verified by how we use our mobile phones today.  Mobile phones used to serve human’s mouth and ears in the past, but now had switched to eyes and fingers, a clear sign of speak and listen transiting to write and read. And smart phones are no longer merely just any phones, they are also handheld portable computers, it means the ubiquitous and network connect at all times, plus the mainstream social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and WeChat etc., the time we spend in reading and writing is much longer than we do in tele-conversing.

Talking and writing are two basic communication skills, but in the midst of the transformation from productivity economy to the service industry economy in the 80s and 90s, the socio and economy activities were basically confined to more local vicinities. When face-to-face or telecommunication is required to get the job done, talking is definitely the king. The criteria of employment especially in sales and marketing personnel emphasizes on eloquent speaker.

Writing, writing, writing
When the Internet era arrived, it dismantled all borders between countries and it shrunk the physical distances, sparked a new perspective in communications, writing proficiency had suddenly becoming more important than talking. Since distant had been virtually removed, overseas business expansion did not require physical store anymore, however, a virtual store is still pivotal to display your products and services with or without an option to online purchases, or at least a website that provides training and technical support, elaboration on warranty claims, policies, services and etc. All these, you need excellent writing skills to produce contents. Besides, you also need your sales and technical personnel to be able to answer customers’ queries in emails or Skype; and again, writing skill is inevitable. And to take advantage of the social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and other engines to engage your customers, once again, you can’t ignore writing skill.

In short, to build an Internet ecosystem in your company, a strategy that is probably not an option anymore for nowadays businesses, you require more staff that can write well. Good writing skills definitely produce better quality and more useful contents. This is what we believe in FingerTec.  And, I also believe that writing is so fundamental in today’s organization that one shouldn’t outsource it to any third party. 

By Teh Hon Seng, CEO, FingerTec HQ

Digitization in bits and bytes was the fundamental activity for the Information Technology revolution in the 80s and 90s of the last centur...



If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” might hold true to some cases but to continue with a less viable system when the new and powerful system is readily available at NO COST to you is definitely not a good business decision anytime.

Over a decade ago, FingerTec introduced TCMS V2 as Time Control Management System for all FingerTec products and over the years this software has gained attention and trust of the markets for its comprehensive time attendance and its simple door access features. But change is always inevitable.

By the end of 2012, the company has steered its direction towards Cloud-based solution for its time attendance segment of the business, enriching the software features to suit to today’s most sought-after workforce requirements and bringing the solution to the cloud platform that we named TimeTec Cloud

Alongside this move, the company has geared up to strengthen its position in the access control and security industry, moving towards the vertical market share. The company develops access controllers and its management software to match the standards of the access security industry. Extensive research and development were carried out and as a result, we initiated a solution loaded with extensive features of door access solutions.

This perfect solution for FingerTec door access system was introduced by the name INGRESS.

 FingerTec Access Control

INGRESS indeed is monumental to the brand's image as it will be our main software that spearheads FingerTec’s door access solutions. The TCMS V2's ratio of 8:2 in terms of Time Attendance and Door Access feature is not suitable anymore for our customers who are targeting door access segment of the market and as so, many great access features are wasted by those who choose to stay put with TCMS V2. 

Ingress should be THE solution, hands down, for it has 3 times or even more door access features compared to TCMS V2  and it has ALL the Time Attendance features of TCMS V2 plus 10% more, making it a superior software for your door access system. If your business focus is on access market, choosing Ingress over TCMS V2 is second to none, it's no longer an option that you could make. 

At this opportunity, I’m urging you, our esteemed resellers and customers to make the switch to Ingress to experience its superiority. To ease the transition, we have prepared migration tool that would help you in your data migration process  from TCMS V2 to Ingress smoothly. We don't have it in reverse though for we want to encourage you to experience and stay with Ingress software. We also encourage those who are using time attendance model to switch to Ingress because Ingress has all the features that TCMS V2 have and we will continue  adding features on Ingress while TCMS V2's  development will only be limited on bug fixes.

I couldn’t discount the fact that you are more familiar with TCMS V2 and to change that would mean that you have to take baby steps to learn and train your customers to follow. Nevertheless, the change is inevitable for the growth and the goal that we are aiming for in this segment of the market.  

 Comparison between Ingress and TCMS V2
Click this picture to learn the differences

I also would like to stress that come October 2014, it’ll no longer be an option for you to select either TCMS or Ingress for your door access solutions. We’ll impose a policy whereby all door access products will be bundled with Ingress and a fee will be charged to obtain TCMSv2 software for your door access products. Though there is still time before the policy is activated, I strongly recommend that you start the switch now, learn about Ingress, know its features and benefits, learn its tips and tricks, and start pushing it to your door access customers. If you are not confident, the trial version is available to give you that boost. While you are there, learn also about our powerful Ingressus series controllers that will bring access control to another level. 

We have worked hard to present you the best solution for access control and it's time for us to give you that nudge to switch. 

Below is the recap of the reasons why you need to choose INGRESS:

  • INGRESS is loaded with 3 times or more features of door access in TCMS V2 while having 110% features of TCMS V2's time attendance, hence it's only logical for those who are in security access business to use INGRESS.
  • The data Migration Tool  from TCMS V2 is available for smooth transfer to INGRESS without any hiccup.
  • The TRIAL version is available for you to test and familiarize yourself before you switch
  • Manuals, videos, guides, etc are readily available for your to train your staff and resellers. 
  • The R&D efforts are continuous and more features will be added while TCMS V2's will only be on bug fixes
  • Starting October, we will be charging those who purchase door access products but require TCMS V2 software
  • And last but certainly not least, it is FREE of CHARGE. 

So, you have no reason to hesitate. Our only assurance to you is, INGRESS will IMPRESS. 

 By Norana Johar, COO, FingerTec HQ

“ If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it ” might hold true to some cases but to continue with a less viable system when the new and powerful syst...