5 Reasons Why TimeTec Cloud is An Awesome Attendance System

Thursday 26 June 2014 0 Comments

The concept of cloud technology is simple, data is stored in a distant server and you can access to your account through the Internet at all times. For example, you can wake up at 3am and check your Gmail for no apparent reason. Or you can access to your Facebook account and stalk other people’s profiles just for the fun of it. 

TimeTec Cloud’s concept is no different, the only thing that differs is that you are using this to better your business! To put it simply, it is a cloud application for time and attendance that you can hook up to biometrics products for the purpose of gathering attendance data from a staff. Once the data has been gathered, it is then made available online for further processing. If you are in Human Resources, TimeTec Cloud can do wonders for you. While checking attendance online goes without saying with TimeTec Cloud, we have to say that the software features are definitely what makes TimeTec Cloud stand out above the rest as part of the value-added services provided to its subscribers.

ONE: It’s Loaded with Great Features – For those who are working in labor intensive industries or industry that requires flexible labor, tracking time can be cumbersome. If it’s not done properly or monitored extensively, it could lead to a monetary loss.  Here’s a simple calculation for you to ponder over:  if working for an hour is equivalent to USD1, in the instance that 100 workers decided to ‘steal’ an hour each for their own personal activities, the company has already lost USD100 just from that simple action! So what can one do to stop such tactics from being employed? That’s where Time Tec Cloud comes in. TimeTec Cloud is loaded with comprehensive scheduling, lunch and break settings as well as shift overtime management to deal with various requirements in the working place to ensure effective time management. And TimeTec can provide you just that and more. Just head to http://www.timeteccloud.com/features to learn what TimeTec Cloud can do.

TWO: It’s Biometric-cally Cool – TimeTec Cloud can be integrated with FingerTec’s biometric attendance gadgets whereby a scan of a fingerprint can capture one’s attendance time, record it and make it available online. For example, the data is just similar to the one that is linked to a proximity card attendance system. The only difference is that the data that is received from biometrics products is much more trustworthy. Fingerprint data operates on a you-are-you concept and no exchanges of information between users are allowed within the system.

THREE: It Can Track Where You Are – Apart from its ability to be used in biometrics, TimeTec Cloud has a mobile application, TimeTec Mobile which will record the geolocation of where a staff checks in. The app can tell you if your staff is actually at McDonald’s when he was supposed to be somewhere else. Clocking your attendance is now made much easier with smart gadgets that are utilizing Android or iOS and Blackberry.

FOUR: It’s the Trend – Time and Attendance system has long evolved from manual clocking which utilizes traditional methods such as signatures to time punch card, then to electronic card and biometrics. However, the most important factor to consider in a time attendance system is the accessibility of data for interpretation and processing for payroll and human resources activities.  What traditional time clocks couldn’t do is now made possible with the advent of cloud-based time attendance.  

FIVE: It’s Dirt Cheap – At USD2 per person monthly, it can’t get any cheaper than that considering years of development that we have spent perfecting it. And this does not include the many great features offered at that price too. Apart from that, it is also available online for the whole company to use whenever, wherever.

All in all, if you are a company that is looking to implement a cost-friendly and efficient time attendance system in your company, try TimeTec Cloud. We provide FREE 30-day trial with no obligation. Sign up with us now and find out for yourself!

TimeTec Cloud : Your Ideal Time Attendance Software Solution

By Ms. Nattalina Zainal, TimeTec Cloud Marketing Manager, FingerTec HQ

The concept of cloud technology is simple, data is stored in a distant server and you can access to your account through the I...