Customer Engagement: Rule 1-2-1

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To reject the notion that the impact of social media’s utilization within businesses has played a pivotal role in our world today would be contradictory to our blog page. In recognition of its capacity to reach audiences far and wide, social media has changed how we perceive information.

In spite of our acceptance of social media, we should ask ourselves what are we using social media for? What are our intention(s) for it? Does social media engage customers on a personal level? Do we see it as an intellectual tool for conveying information or a form of communication? Quoted by Sydney J Harris, an American Journalist born in 1917, an era before the rise of social media, writes “the two words, “information” and “communication” are often used interchangeably, but they signify quite different things. Information is giving out, communication is getting through”.

One of these words will score big

If you have a look at the image (sourced from Domo) in my previous article titled “Big Data’s Value for All Businesses”, you can deduce from the figures that information is in abundance. Without a doubt, information educates but does it communicate? To look at it from a different perspective, is to be serviced slowly turning to self-service?

I think i prefer to be serviced

Consumers have the freedom to do their own research and come to their own conclusions. But is self-service better for both the company and the consumer? How can we be certain that our consumers understand the message(s) we are trying to convey?

I believe, even with our deep embrace of social media, we should still seek to service and engage our customers on an interpersonal level. Surveys, feedbacks and questionnaires are all different forms of engagement, but they lack an active presence. That’s why at Fingertec; we are actively engaging our customers to service them better by conversing with a person either by email or Skype. We’re here to find out what you want and what solutions we can offer to help you, personally.

Connecting to the customer is the first step; it’s how you communicate that makes the difference, offer service without referring to self-service. What do I mean? Have a look at these two scenarios:

Engagement to Self-Service
Remain Engaged
Rep: Hi Sam, I’m contacting you because you recently registered for our one-day free course.
Cust: Thanks for contacting me, I did have a look at your website and am wondering what the cost would be to sign up for the full 7 day course?

Rep: No problem Sam, you can find our course fees here at

Cust: Thanks. And what topics will be covered in the course?

Rep: I’m not in the Department that handles the training, so I wouldn’t be able to give you accurate information, but you can find all the topics we cover at
Rep: Hi Sam, I’m contacting you because our records indicate you have shown an interest in our 7-day course by registering for our one-day free course? Can I help you with making a decision?

Cust: Thanks for your email. I had a look at your website and am wondering how much the 7-day course is going to cost me?

Rep: No problem Sam, well, our 7-day course is $10 a day for a total of $70 over 7 days. If you’d like to read more on the costing, you can visit or let me know.

Cust: Thanks for the information. So for $70, what topics will be covered?

Rep: The primary focus of our course will be on “Customer Engagement”. However as I’m not in the Department, I won’t be able to tell you what other areas are going to be covered. Let me speak to the appropriate Department and I will get back to you?

The great thing about this type of personalized engagement, is that you can practice it regardless of the industry, department or product you represent, be it ICT, Construction, Accounting, Advertising, Marketing, Sales, Hardware, Software etc. Every company has customers, and every customer is seeking a company.

The move to engage our customers on a personal level came about with the release of our TimeTec Cloud time attendance SaaS (Software as a Service). We take the term Saa-Service seriously, and intend to continue with this approach. You can say, we know what its like to be on both side of the fence. 

Are you ready to be engaged?

If you are interested in knowing how engrossed we are in you and want to experience engagement at a whole new level, please don’t hesitate to try our Timetec Cloud, not only do we offer a 30 days free trial, but by registering, you are letting us know who you are. 
Just remember, finding out how your customers think and what they want will give you valuable insights to further the growth of your business. Information without communication has no value. Don’t let your customers walk away.

 By Justin Goh, Analyst, FingerTec HQ

To reject the notion that the impact of social media’s utilization within businesses has played a pivotal role in our worl...