Additional Tips About Ingress Software Implementation!

THE advanced access control system for YOU
In my continuing effort to talk about Ingress, lets learn 5 more important things to pay attention to when it comes to Ingress Software implementation. For the less initiated, Ingress is FingerTec’s latest software; highly recommended for door access control installation. It’s packed with powerful access control features which include graphical floor maps, real-time monitoring, centralized management, data analysis, reporting and much more.

If you are dealing with door access control products and market, request for the trial version of Ingress to experience the greatness of its software. The best part, it comes bundled with FingerTec door access products. 

Choose a Language, Help Us Perfect the System
Currently, the software supports 3 languages, English, Spanish and Arabic. Move your cursor to the language selection on the top right hand corner and select your preferred language. Click on the image below for a clearer view. Technically, it’s easy to just select and use the languages available. But more importantly, if you found any misleading translations (or even funny ones), do us a favor and email the errors to for corrections. Same goes if you require a language that is not available, send your request to the email and we’ll consider.

Weekly Clocking Schedule Available for Now and More will be Included Later
Ingress by large is a door access software, but a portion of the software caters to time attendance. For time attendance, clocking schedule is an important element that many users seek. In this version, Ingress only supports weekly schedule. For flexi and daily schedule types, they are under development and expected to be ready by the 2nd quarter of 2014. That’s something to look forward to, isn’t it?

The Importance of Importing User Data
It’s not very IT if you are adding user information one after another. There’s a simpler way of doing it and all you need to do is determine the format to save user data. If you have a user list in Excel (XLS), Text document (TXT) or Comma-separated values (CSV) format, you can import the user list straight into Ingress and have your data ready in no time. By doing this you will not go through the hassle of manual work.

Multi-tiered User Roles
The Ingress software supports multi-client login. This means several people, apart from the administrator, can log into Ingress to use its functions. The administrator can assign users to different roles to differentiate the priority of their accounts. By default, there is one pre-set user role which is the Administrator. The Administrator’s role has the highest privilege and you cannot remove this role from the User Roles window.

A Standalone Ingress Client Installer
Ingress offers installation for client PCs and it’s much simpler than the Ingress setup. This is important for a company that has various departments whereby the managers for each department needs to view some information from Ingress. There is no need to install the large version of Ingress, just install the Ingress Client installer from this link and get on with your work.

That’s all for now and I’ll continue to talk about Ingress and Ingressus in weeks to come. Remember to stay tuned to learn more about FingerTec products. 

Written by Aidid Sharulzaman Arifin, FingerTec HQ, Head of Support

THE advanced access control system for YOU In my continuing effort to talk about Ingress, lets learn 5 more important things...