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When your products are deployable across various industries, the tendency to generalize the usages of their features and functions is fairly high. You realize this when you keep on writing about the same things over and over again regardless of whom you are talking to. Though every office needs a time attendance system, there are very little new things to talk about. Time attendance is about clocking in, clocking out, processing data, generating reports and connecting to third party applications for extra purposes. Is that all?

While it might sound good for businesses to possess one solution that fits all, they also could fall into the ‘comfort’ zone where the products are being marketed monotonously without any efforts to dig further into the unique needs of applicable industries. The sales pitch is always “We have these products and solutions that are suitable for you. Do you want it or not?” instead of “We know that you have this list of challenges and issues and our solutions can solve 90% of that with our list of features and functions, and this is how it goes.” Complacency in marketing is dangerous as it can lead to stagnant demand which reflects badly on sales. It’s true that attendance systems consist of the entire process of data collection and report generation but at the end of the day, there are so many elements in the middle that vary based on select industries. The only way to figure it out is to take initiative, study it and find out. 

When things seem monotonous, what CAN you do?
Managing hotels is different than managing factories; shifts management in a factory is configured differently than the ones in hospitals; just as shifts for airline workers are different than other industries. It all depends upon shift patterns, work schedules, duty rotations and etc. Some industries apply staff mobility such as logistics and courier services, people in sales needing to meet clients most of the time, and contractors having to make sure they calculate correct labor-hour to stay within a project’s budget. Understanding the requirements of many industries could give you an edge in marketing the solutions to the relevant market segment and it would also give you ideas on product improvement and future product development.

With that in mind, FingerTec wants to take a step forward and introduce Academia, a series of pseudo-academic articles that touch about the possible deployment of FingerTec products and solutions to specific industries. Academia also covers FingerTec products' technology-related pieces that delve further into the technological aspects of solutions we offer to the market. The articles are not only written by our in-house experts, we intend to look for experts in the industry and professionals to assist us in producing quality articles that can increase the knowledge level of all involved.

Having said that, I personally welcome our resellers, who are experienced in specific industries, to come forward and contribute your ideas towards Academia. A token of appreciation will be provided for the contribution, of course. Drop your email to to discuss this subject further. 

By Norana Johar, COO, FingerTec HQ

Have you gotten your daily dose of knowledge? When your products are deployable across various industries, the tendency to ...