Yes, We Go Beyond Biometrics

We Go Wireless with NFC and Beacon Technologies!

When this company started at the start of the millennium, biometrics technology was a novelty. The oohs and aahs of discovering a new technology, and the market were instantly attracted to the level of security biometrics had to offer. Fast forward 16 years, the market is still very much excited about biometrics solutions because it provides exclusive authentication of every user with the use of fingerprint and facial recognition like no other security technology could. According to a recently released TechSci Research Report “Global Biometrics Market By Type, By End Use Sector, By Region, Competition Forecast and Opportunities, 2011 – 2021”, the global biometrics market is projected to surpass $ 24.8 billion by 2021. The market for biometrics is still fairly large and continues growing. In tandem with biometrics popularity however, other technologies also are making their way into the market share, and gaining tractions from the developers, system integrators and users alike.

NFC and Beacon are the two technologies riding the wave of BYOD, bring your own device and the iOT, Internet of Things concept. Both are using the smartphones to read information transmitted by the devices installed all around. The utilization of these technologies is highly dependent on the developers’ objectives, and for FingerTec, we keep our focus intact in the workforce and security industry, adding options for our customers to choose.

The first product to be deployed at TimeTec with NFC technology is TimeTec Patrol mobile app solution at The Patrol app is designed to read the signal transmitted by the NFC tags via the smartphone and transmit the data back to the cloud server for information. The NFC tag is first loaded with information during registration that is useful for patrol solution and each tag is unique for reference.  

Patrol routes are determined for patrolling guards to know the direction of their duty and they are responsible to report incidents back to the post to ensure safety. By having these NFC tags installed along designated routes, patrolling guards are instructed to tap on each tag on that route in the given time provided and report incident encountered instantly via their smartphone and all information will be pushed to TimeTec cloud server for instant access of information.

In brief, the NFC technology enables real-time monitoring and the deployment of this technology is affordable by utilizing the readily available smartphones, the mobile app, the inexpensive NFC tags and the convenient cloud solution. TimeTec Patrol app will be available around the corner for security practitioners to benefit from.

FingerTec will then move on to NFC attendance for TimeTec TA and the initial research on Beacon technology has been carried out to assimilate this technology into our product portfolio. Technology evolves and we have to move with the trend and time in order to penetrate into new market and to provide various options to our customers. There are various elements to be considered in the development of a certain technology, and mobility, accessibility, convenience as well as affordability top the list of yays that we need to achieve with NFC and Beacon technologies.

As usage of smartphones and Internet gets worldwide, tapping on wireless technology is definitely inevitable. Follow our FB page FingerTec Worldwide and subscribe to  FingerTec Newsletter for NFC solution’s announcement soon.

We Go Wireless with NFC and Beacon Technologies! When this company started at the start of the millennium, biometrics technology ...