5 Common Attendance Cheats You Might Overlook

Under the assumption that every company has dishonest employees, businesses have to be aware of the tricks and tactics employees deploy to cheat attendance. Time cheating is a crime by law particularly when it involves civil servants. There are cases where people jailed for attendance fraud; hence employees shouldn’t take attendance cheating lightly. To avoid all forms of attendance cheating from happening, one must know the ways these people cheat.  

1. I’ll Be There For You (kinda friend)
This is perhaps the most common attendance cheat where one person clocks for his friends, who promised that he’d return the favor next time around. Because this cheat is so easily done, buddy punching is rampant amongst employees who are using punch time clock and some card systems that do not require any other authentication of the owner. Punch clock or card system is not dynamic, it cannot tell the difference between cheaters and honest workers. 

2. Touch n Go Attendance
Now you see me, now you don’t. This is the kind of employee who lets you think that he is available when in fact he is not present at your company doing the job he’s supposed to do. This employee ‘clocks in’ and yet he’d go somewhere else to complete his errands and come back to clock out and get paid. This scenario commonly occurs in an environment where door access activities are not monitored and the workers can enter and exit as they please. 

3. 1 Plus 1 Equals Two (...different individuals)
Biometrics system, even though unique and personalized, has its flaw too and once employee discovered the flaw, they tend to exploit. It’s usual for a company that’s using fingerprint system to recommend a user to register two fingerprints for one user ID; one to be used regularly and one as a backup in case of something happen to the first finger. To cheat the system, two good friends would share one User ID (with the permission from the admin, of course. When this happen, admin should be held responsible for fraud). For my user ID, one finger is mine, another is yours and for your user ID, we do the same. The system is not wrong, the people are. Biometrics system has improved leaps and bounds; so one fingerprint is enough for one user ID. Or, a company can impose a policy whereby any administrators caught jeopardizing the system could be heavily punished. 

4. Outstation Illusion
When employees are assigned to work outside of the office, how confident are you that they are on the job most of the time? Some would carry out the task for an hour and spend another 2 hours doing other things and claims for 3 hours. And there are some who didn’t even go but claim anyways because you simply have no proof of anything. To avoid this cheat, TimeTec Mobile has a solution for you. Explore now.   

5. Living on The Edge
These are the workers that clock in late but not THAT late and clock out early but not THAT early. They are living on the edge (so to speak) and in the end; it will cost you inflated cost because of the short additional minutes here and there, every day. Take charge by implementing a great attendance system that can manage those discrepancies and monitor your cost efficiently.

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Under the assumption that every company has dishonest employees, businesses have to be aware of the tricks and tactics employees deploy...