8 Reasons to Make that Switch to TCMS V3

TCMS V3 has officially been released and we welcome and encourage all FingerTec customers to experience this software with all its useful features in a new database platform. TCMS V3 is designed on MS Access DB platform initially and the development will start for MySQL very soon.

For those who have been comfortable using TCMS V2, you need to start paying attention and switch to TCMS V3 now because TCMS V3 is tailored to fulfill your current requirements and your future as well. Let's find out why you need to make that switch.

Change for the Better
TCMS V2 has been a really good software for many of our customers but the database of V2 is stuck in the prehistoric age of the database world. Leaving FoxPro behind, TCMS V3 is designed initially on MS Access for easier installation and implementation based on our vast customer feedbacks and later on the development will be carried out on MySQL to cater to larger database requirements.

It Comes Bundled
The bundling of Time Attendance products with TCMS V3 will officially start on 1st October 2016 and after the said date, all requests on TCMS V2 copies will be chargeable at USD15 per unit.

Have All The V2 Functions and Then Some
TCMS V3 comes with all the functions in the predecessor TCMS V2 and many more features such as batch user addition, scheduling wizard, various language selection and many more.

FCC Compatible
You can connect your attendance terminals to the cloud storage at FingerTec Cloud Center, FCC and export the data to TCMS V3 smoothly with a press of a button.

With TCMS V3, user experience has also been improved with more descriptions and hints to provide customers with positive experience better than what we’ve presented in TCMS V2.

Compatible with Future Readers
Development for TCMS V2 will not be continued but TCMS V3’s has just started. TCMS V3 will be the complementary software for FingerTec time and attendance products for the future and eventually all have to switch to TCMS V3.

Customization is Possible
TCMS V3 is the product of FingerTec’s RnD Center located in Cyberjaya, the Multimedia Super Corridor of the nation and any customizations required by our customers will be assessed for market feasibility and developed accordingly.

More Useful Reports At Your Disposal
Based on more than 15 years of experience, TCMS V3 presents more useful Time & Attendance reports to cater to our esteemed clients.

Get your copy of TCMS V3 today and feedback to us for improvements. We thank you for you kind support.

TCMS V3 has officially been released and we welcome and encourage all FingerTec customers to experience this software with all its usef...


  1. Hi Team,
    Is there any documentation or advisory on how to upgrade from TCMSv2 to TCMSv3?
    Downloaded the file but only has a single Setup.exe within, no documentation or readme files.

    1. Hello Sir, The TCMS V3 is actually a different software from TCMS V2 therefore upgrading is not required but you will need to perform a migration. In order to be able to migrate successfully, you will need to ensure that your data is currently running on the latest version of TCMS V2. Kindly provide us your email so that we may send you the document on migration steps and other details accordingly.

  2. Hi, can I activate with the same serial key came along with TCMS V2?