Finding The Right Gurus

Leo Burnett
"Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read."

As quotes go, the above from Leo Burnett may not sound impressive but I've learnt well not to ignore the words of important people. One of the 100 most influential people in the 20th century (as per Time Magazine), the Sultan of Sell changed the advertising landscape in the early 1900s by bringing imagery to the center stage, proclaiming that "visual eloquence is far more persuasive... than labored narratives".  This was considered revolutionary in his days, as most copies were wording-heavy at the time. As a marketing executive, even a simple advice like this means a whole lot in what I can do for FingerTec Worldwide, and thus it always pushes me to find more gems from other marketing and advertising Gurus. Read more to find out similarly helpful quotes.

David Ogilvy
"I prefer the discipline of knowledge, to the anarchy of ignorance."

In 1962, Time Magazine called David Ogilvy "the most sought-after wizard in today's advertising industry". The widely-hailed Father of Advertising was unique in his approach, whereby he placed high importance on research data. As the above quote suggests, he viewed the availability of data and its subsequent processing as integral to properly market a product to a targeted group, and also to assess its actual results.  This is now common practice as companies employ analytical tools to measure their marketing & advertising execution and ensure that their resources are efficiently spent in accordance to their goals. As such, all FingerTec campaigns follow this model as a clear way of seeing the company's performance. 

Bill Gates
"Content is King"

This may come as a surprise to some, but Bill Gates wasn't just a 'computer geek'. His intelligence goes beyond that, as shown in his sometime ruthless business acumen and market know-hows. Take his above statement, for example. Despite its brevity, it clearly states what Gates believes in. Although the days of ads with a lengthy list of features & benefits are gone, it doesn't mean that the copies need to simply be eye candy to viewers. In his vision, the intended message and how it is conveyed is the most important consideration when creating a campaign. There needs to be an effective combination of both elements to ensure success. The billion-dollar question then, is - how do you balance between the two? It is more art than calculated science, but it is definitely not one that FingerTec looks lightly on and is always considered when venturing into new campaigns. 

Seth Godin
"Don't find customers for your products, find products for your customers."

Just like in any evolving business, change in inevitable. Seth Godin understands this, and takes it further. The author of 15 books (including 2004 Forbes Business Book of the Year, Free Prize Inside) states that as a business grows to a certain point, it shouldn't focus heavily on acquiring new customers but instead expend more energy on finding newer solutions for existing customers. FingerTec has been practicing this to a certain degree, as the company has been expanding from solely targeting the fingerprint technology to providing a holistic system for time attendance and access control. Understanding this concept has helped the marketing team and the company as a whole to always be more receptive towards customers needs & demands, by taking their inputs as well as current technological trends to create new products & services such as TimeTec Cloud, Ingress and EpiCamera.

In order to constantly learn and develop, it is often necessary to surround oneself with knowledge. The quality of the passed information is also essential, and each figure whose words were featured above are accomplished geniuses in their own rights. Hopefully these quotes has given you some new insights on marketing ideas or business approaches, as it has helped me. Although I still hit my occasional stumbles, having advice from these Gurus at least ensure me that even when I fail, I'm at least heading in the right direction. Just like Leo Burnett says, "When you reach for the stars, you may not quite get one, but you won't come up with a handful of mud either".

About the writer: Afiq Jauhari is a single Malaysian Malay male in his late 20s, previously working in a local banking institution before joining FingerTec Worldwide in 2012 as a Junior Copywriter. His interests include basketball, comedy and writing; and still dreams of becoming a well-liked, funny basketball coach with a few bestselling books. 

Leo Burnett Introduction "Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read." As quotes...