Are You Living Online Yet?

Nobody smiles when they have to queue like this
Online banking is truly God-sent, imho. The last time I went to a bank was a year ago (if I could pay straight up for a house, trust me, I would); the parking and the waiting were just too cumbersome. It's been ages since I've had to queue in a long line for movie tickets, now they're sent instantly to my mobile after purchasing them online. It's also been 11 years since I've had to meet a travel agent, which was when my husband arranged our humble honeymoon. But now we're sort of our own travel agents; we buy tickets, book hotel rooms and even arrange for tours with mere clicks. Thank you, God!

This has become a lifestyle of sorts, particularly for city-dwellers and urbanites.  People shop for garments, gifts, electronics items, all kinds of tickets, and even groceries straight from the Internet. For example, I just ordered a bunch of things from Tesco online during my lunch break, which will be delivered right to my doorstep, saving me valuable time. See, people  look for convenience because time is a great factor. 

What it feels like to talk about
the whole "e-books" thing now
Backtrack 15 years or so, though, and this online lifestyle was still an idea. It was still an “if only I could” kind of thing. We learned the hard way in 2000, as one of our sister companies attempted to sell e-books online but failed because market conditions simply wasn’t ready. Feasible idea, sure, but it was still too premature as consumer's access to certain facilities (such as high-speed Internet and mobile gadgets) were still rather limited. Current technologies has made it easier, though. 

Nowadays you can practically buy or settle anything under the sun, ONLINE, in mere minutes. There are billions of people in front of their device-of-choice right now, sifting through many suppliers online to make purchases, as we type speak. Now, when the demand is in abundance, how will suppliers respond? Definitely, by generating appeal and providing convenience to customers.

FingerTec moves ahead in this direction by designing our products to be simple and easy to handle. People buy computers online, so, why not security system or time attendance products? In reaching our goal to provide convenience, FingerTec gets ready with almost everything we could muster to assist after-sales support including round-the-clock technical online support all year long. We even print our support email address at our machines to let people know; we are responsible, we are here. That’s the assurance that end-customers are looking for when shopping online. The warranty is intact for 24 months, the support is available at all times and the price is transparent, hence the way of keeping ourselves competitive.

Get ready to ride the cloud
If FingerTec products are suitable for online sale, imagine the kind of confidence it provides  offline customers? Customers are happier to obtain online and offline support when buying the goods and Resellers feel even better to push products that provide great support in all angles.

Come 2014, we will bring TimeTecCloud, a truly online experience to FingerTec time attendance software. With TimeTecCloud, you could purchase your system straight from the website, and use it straightaway without having to worry about storage, maintenance, support, downtime, etc. How's that for convenience?

This CLOUD is inevitable; it’s coming our way. All we need to do is to get ready to ride it.

By Norana Johar, COO, FingerTec HQ

Nobody smiles when they have to queue like this Online banking is truly God-sent,  imho.  The last time I went to a bank was a year ago...