What is the Politically-Correct Answer, Really?

If only it's as easy as choosing between 
rock, paper and scissor
The whole nation is geared up for Election Day, which has been set on 5th May 2013, today. Many deemed GE13 to be the most crucial fight in history between the 55-year ruling party Barisan Nasional and the strong opposition front, Pakatan Rakyat. In the previous election, Barisan Nasional won 50.27 percent of the popular vote, while Pakatan took 46.75 percent. Barisan Nasional had lost two of its important states to Pakatan Rakyat in the last election, making the inroad to victory for this coming GE13 an uphill battle.

Over the past year and a half, various populist moves and monetary handouts were made by the ruling government to win the hearts of the people, ultimately hoping that those favors be translated into votes come election day. It’s a clear signal to the recipients that the government has been helping them, and it would be deemed as (sort of) an ungrateful move to not return the favor. The opposition front on the other hand has been shredding the image of the ruling party with allegations of corruptions, abuse of power, incompetency, failure to prioritize the people’s issues, etc.; painting the image of the ‘defending champions’ as a bunch of elitists who steals the wealth of the nation for their own personal gains and leaders who are so out of touch from the plight of the common people, full of arrogance, and therefore, needs to be removed from power in order to return the people’s rights back to the people.

The ruling party, while trying to convey and convince the people about the development efforts done for the country over the years, is no silent group of saints either. They have been bombarding the opposition with sex scandal allegations, constantly accusing them of making a mess in the states that they ruled over for the last 4 years, alleging that they had caused chaos in this stable country and regarded Pakatan Rakyat as a rookie contestant; therefore not fit to run the country.

It’s an interesting time indeed to observe various strategies deployed by both parties in this race.

Which will you choose?
Politics is very much like business, ruthless to the very core. How do you win the hearts of the people (customers), and convince them to choose you over the other? Would you rather earn high profits at the expense of your customer’s trusts and your product’s brand image, or would you rather work hard and earn good money without compromising your brand’s identity and integrity? Ultimately, how will you conduct your organization? You can play tricks, you can cheat, you can play dirty but you can also play by the rules and win clean. Every business has this decision to make.

FingerTec knows our priorities, and there’s no such term as ‘good money’ if it comes from the anguish of our customers. Alas, come polling day, I’ve made my choice. 

By Norana Johar, COO, FingerTec HQ

If only it's as easy as choosing between  rock, paper and scissor The whole nation is geared up for Election Day, which...