5 Reasons Why Time & Attendance Solution Could Be Your Savior

Time is what we need but most of the time; time is what we lack. The more we want to have more time, the faster it seems to disappear. Working in the corporate world, employees are always wrestling with time, and more often than not, many of us would have to sacrifice important events in life for our work’s sake. Missing important dinners with families, missing precious times with growing kids, missing social lives, missing a crucial date with the one and etc. One of the reasons employees need to take more time than required is because usually either there is no system in place or the system is not providing what it is supposed to be doing.

Time & attendance system is more than just meets the eye. It’s not merely about recording staff’s clock in and clock out; it should be about having an accurate automated system in place to monitor the clocking activities of every staff, assessing the cost it incurs to the business and link the data to the human capital cost to obtain the ROI.

Installation of biometrics time attendance system such as FingerTec time attendance system could be your time savior. Read on.

Precise Data – Let Your Time Tells Your Story
Time attendance data collection using biometrics system is not relying on users or other people’s whims and fancies. To get verification, users will need to place their own fingerprints on the machine to verify their presence. The recorded data is kept in the system without users having the rights to alter its originality. And all data will be centralized in one system for further processing. With a time & attendance system like FingerTec, if you are late, you are late. Let the time tells your story.

Centralized User Data – Key In Once And Once Only
The time and attendance software like FingerTec’s TCMS have the ability to keep all user data on a centralized server so administrators don’t have to key-in any data manually and repeatedly, saving a lot of time in the process. Retrieval of data also is made easy without having to sift through tons of written records and manual time cards.

Scheduling – Keep Calm and Set it Right the First Time
When your organization has groups of staff that work at different hours for different tasks, scheduling settings can be easily configured and determined earlier with a system like FingerTec and its software TCMS V2. Group A that has a constant schedule weekly is assigned with schedule A, Group B which has a cyclical schedule has to follow schedule B, Group C that works on certain days in a week must abide by schedule C, and etc. By having the right system configured beforehand and administrators do not have to get involve in the complex scheduling over and over again, it potentially could save a lot of time.

Reports Intact – Printable Reports At Your Command
Having data is almost meaningless without having its reports available. A time & attendance system like FingerTec is able to produce various printable reports automatically and you can also export the data in various formats to ease your work and also to save a lot of time in the process.

Link to Third Party – Dependable Data, Dependable Team
And when all data is digitized, it’s easier to link the data to the third party software such as payroll for further processing and further time savings. Overall it will provide not only improvement in the business process but also overall employee satisfaction for the job well done and within time.

If your organization is still struggling with time and the admin and HR departments’ personnel always sacrificing their time for work, Time and Attendance system could be your savior.

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Time is what we need but most of the time; time is what we lack. The more we want to have more time, the faster it seems to disappear...