Cloud Computing Myths? Oh Please!

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As I was going through some research materials on cloud computing, I came across this one report published by Frost and Sullivan entitled "Cloud Computing - A Reality Check. Dispelling the Myths of Cloud Computing". There were essentially four main myths that were debunked (ala Mythbusters - I love that show!) which were; cloud computing is less secure than on-premise alternatives, is only suitable for consumers and smaller businesses, is not suitable for mission critical activities, and also private clouds offer the benefits of cloud computing without the drawbacks. Read more for my summary of two of those myths and the report's explanations on them. 

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Cloud Computing is Less Secure Than On-Premise Alternatives

There has been no evidence that shows how cloud computing is less secure. In recent years, most of the major security breaches (like Sony, NASDAQ, the UK Govt., Citigroup and US Dept. of Defense) were mostly a result of issues with encryption, a highly distributed architecture, human factors and incorrect processes. This is because on-premise systems by nature are usually distributed and therefore have more points of vulnerability. Cloud architectures, on the other hand, are more centralized and have fewer points of vulnerability. Furthermore, there is significantly greater automation in cloud computing and as a result, the chances of vulnerability through human factors are reduced to a large extent. 

Cloud Computing is Only Suitable for Consumers and Smaller Businesses

Although public cloud services are often perceived to be unsuitable for large enterprises, there are many examples of these businesses implementing both private clouds and public cloud services. This can't be more wrong as the popular Groupon service runs on the public cloud using NetSuite to power its global e-commerce business. This is even true with companies that have legacy systems in place, as leading organizations such as Jollibee and NBTY (China) Trading Company have experienced the benefits of adopting a two-ties deployment model - decrease in deployment time, reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) and greater visibility. 

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It sometimes seems crazy to me that people would have doubts and reservations about cloud computing, WITHOUT doing some semblance of a research on the topic first. These are many other articles, white papers, press releases, and even Wikipedia pages on the technology that can give a clearer picture of the full potential and overall strength of cloud computing. Alas, I'll try to be a good source of information so that our readers can have a reliable commentary on cloud computing right here at the FingerTec blog site. Til then, see you in the clouds!

By Ms. Nattalina Zainal, TimeTec Cloud Marketing Manager, FingerTec HQ

Credit to As I was going through some research materials on cloud computing, I came across this one report published by F...

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