Cloud Solutions Adoption: Cost vs Convenience

Ever casually picked up your smartphone and say “Gee, I’m really glad that my phone has all these awesome functions! Who knows how I’ll live without it?”. No or Maybe. Well, in this modern digital era that we are living in, the aspect of ‘Convenience’ is no longer a luxury but it is instead demanded and expected by the society that we lived in today.

For starters, let’s go back to our old-trusty smartphone, just only a few years back, our mobile phone was considered a revolutionizing device all by itself with only just the ability to make a phone call. Right now, people do not even question the fact that our phones can surf the Internet, take pictures, send an email and so on. The same can be said to business franchises as well. Back in the earlier days, a business operates by setting up a brick and mortar shops and hoping that customers will visit your premises in order for you to offer your services. Yet, businesses nowadays have taken a gigantic leap in reaching their customers through cloud solutions, i.e. offering services to customers right from their smartphones. We know, it’s crazy right! How did they even give it a thought?

In short, all businesses changes, it is their nature to adapt or otherwise get left behind. That’s said, why not start now and take the first step in adopting a cloud solution within your business management. After all, as the saying goes ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’. Therefore in a timely manner, here are two major factors to consider before applying a cloud solution.  
Ah Money! The ‘obstacle’ behind every business. However, what is the price of convenience these days. Not much, is what we could say in terms of adapting into a cloud-based management system. Take for example our smart cloud solution, TimeTec TA which only costs 2 USD per user for a month. To top it off, what you see here is only the beginning as we also offer various discounts depending on the amount of users and the type of payment you choose. As a result, we can say that most of you here who decided to opt for our cloud solutions will definitely be paying much less than what we initially stated. However, we understand that it is only reasonable you would like to first inspect your goods before actually purchasing it. Hence, fret not as we are also giving out FREE 30 days trials for any company or organizations that wish to try what it’s like to be moving to a cloud management system. Better still, we will also be offering 10 FREE user licenses to whomever that decided to try out our wonderful services. Still not convinced? Wait till you hear what we have to say in terms of Convenience.       

Well, you’ll be very surprised! Imagine not having to fill up any physical application forms whenever you are applying for your leave, manually punching your working times on a card machine or the point where HR personnel do not have to keep track of the staffs’ working period in order to administer the exact salary amount. To sweeten the deal, this is only the icing on the cake as our cloud solutions: TimeTec TA and TimeTec Leave are capable of so many more amazing feats which we can’t wait to show it to you. What’s more, all these functions can be executed right from your personal Smartphones thus saving more of your precious time (a valuable resources these days) and further adding to your convenience.

Smartphone usage is ubiquitous these day. If you can connect and do everything from a smartphone efficiently, who doesn’t want that convenience.

To explore more about TimeTec’s Cloud Solutions, click here.

Ever casually picked up your smartphone and say “Gee, I’m really glad that my phone has all these awesome functions! Who knows how I...

Automation Disrupts Everything

Automation wave is coming strong around the world, disrupting all industries and everybody has to respond to it or face the consequences of being left behind. The financial industries are being shaken by automation, regardless of their preference. Robots are replacing people in warehouses and factories. Traditional businesses are rattled by the emerging business models that rely on data and not assets like Airbnb, Uber, Grab, and etc.

Data is being collected at all times from various sources and in different formats to feed organization with the best possible way to react about a decision or to a change that’s been happening. Some view automation as catastrophe for human workforce because they will be replaced by a system but some see it in a positive light where automation will provide employees with more time to focus on the things that matter, and to obtain accurate information without having to deal with human errors and noisy data.

When FingerTec embarked on this biometric journey, data automation was indeed our priority because we could foresee that major change that will take place in the future that will disrupt the equilibrium of the world we knew and data would be KEY. True to form, the world is going gaga about data, and now we are taking it literally to a higher level, the cloud. Having attendance data like biometrics data to be used in Windows software was a breakthrough 10 years back but having data to be used on a centralized cloud solution accessible worldwide is the world we live in today. Dealing with scattered data reduces effectiveness and productivity as opposed to having data at your fingertips at all times.

Workforce automation solutions must focus on providing convenience and practicality to its users so that they can embrace the new solutions without much hassle. In dealing with this disruption, FingerTec embraces change by being ready with not one cloud solution but an array of workforce solutions on cloud that can be deployed individually or as a whole by any company with a single sign-on and matching apps for user convenience.

TimeTec TA cloud-based time and attendance system manages employee work scheduling, clocking, rostering, attendance data, exporting of data to payroll and many more through the web and the app seamlessly. Around the corner, TimeTec Leave is about to be released to handle workforce leave management over the internet and on the app. TimeTec Leave manages leave accrual, balance, application, approval and etc,  and a part of our solutions are interlink between one another, providing cohesiveness yet can be accessed by different people with different authority. TimeTec is cooking up TimeTec Hire, cloud-based recruitment solution that giving companies control over their hiring processes to dodge bad hires and save the company a lot of time and money.

Workforce automation has arrived whether you like it or not and data is an asset. People around the world are talking about big data analytics, internet of things, and etc. that requires data to be present, and readily available. There is no time for ‘wait and see’ attitude. Get over your curiosity and start getting in the game. Head over to and figure out how we could benefit your business or how you could grow the cloud business with us. Let’s!

Automation wave is coming strong around the world, disrupting all industries and everybody has to respond to it or face the consequences ...

FCC Cures Your Data Lost Problem

One of the common problems received by support at FingerTec is data loss. Even though it’s common, it causes panic and a lot of exclamation marks in the support email asking for help. There are various causes of data loss. They include our own fault such as dropping our hardware or deleting a file that we shouldn’t. It could also cause by hardware or system failure and software corruption, that’s out of our control. Data can also go haywire if being attacked by viruses or malware. There are tips to avoid data loss such as using uninterrupted power supply, working in a safe environment and back up your data properly.

In addition to the precaution that you are taking, FingerTec offers yet another method to eradicate data loss problem with FingerTec Cloud Centre at

FCC is a web platform to store all FingerTec terminals' information and data securely on a cloud server. It’s easy. You just need to connect your FingerTec terminals to FCC and stop worrying about data lost because the original data will always be available online for instant retrieval. 

FCC is a platform that enables you to consolidate all your data to Cloud environment for viewing, managing and backing up of data purposes.

At USD5 per terminal per month, relax and be at ease knowing that all your data is safe on the cloud. Sign up now!

One of the common problems received by support at FingerTec is data loss. Even though it’s common, it causes panic and a lot of exclama...

5 Ways TimeTec Patrol Revolutionizes Guard Tours

1. TimeTec Patrol system replaces the traditional Single Function Patrol tools such as the Watchman Clock, and the RFID patrol stick with a smartphone downloaded with TimeTec Patrol app. Patrol guards can mark patrol checkpoints and sends feedback of patrolling activity in real time.

2. Real-time updates allow security supervisors to be aware of the situation on the ground and react in time when untoward incidents occur. This also means that patrolling guards can rely on their team for timely backup when the situation calls for it.

3. TimeTec Patrol empowers guards to do more than just marking their rounds, equipped with the Incident Report feature, TimeTec Patrol encourages guards to be proactive in their job, reporting suspecting incidents during their rounds, to ensure the safety of the compound.

4. The TimeTec Patrol system lightens the load of Patrol Guards. Carrying a smartphone means carrying a patrol tool, a flashlight, a camera and a walkie talkie - a 4-in-1 Plus device makes TimeTec Patrol a must have.

5. For the security admin, TimeTec Patrol can be used to assign new route plans on the go, communicate changes in plans, and establish standards using the various reports templates readily available on TimeTec Patrol.

For better management of patrolling guards, check out TimeTec Patrol at or email for more information.

1. TimeTec Patrol system replaces the traditional Single Function Patrol tools such as the Watchman Clock, and the RFID patrol stick wi...

Biometrics is Fantastic! So, what are you still doing with punch card?

Seriously, we are in 2017 and punch card system for attendance is so old school, even our grandpa knows with how it works. Undoubtedly with punch card  system the process of clocking is simple; you take a card assigned to you, slot it into a gigantic clock that shows your time and push the card inside the clock until the machine stamps the time on the card. There should be nothing wrong with that, should it? You’re definitely wrong. To punch the card is irrefutably simple, but the process that comes after the punching of the card that is going to cost you more money than you wish to admit.

Manual data collection from a stack of paper is a mundane task. Nobody is looking forward to doing this task especially not during crunch time at the end of each month. When one has to take a bunch of information from papers and transfers it into a file, mistakes tend to happen. And it’s hard to confirm the accuracy of the data until it’s being compared to the actual ones, and who has time to do that? The fraudulent and careless staff, at the end of the day, could cost companies a lot of money from attendance alone.

Buddy punching is also a never-ending case in conventional attendance system. The mantra for buddy puncher is, “You scratch my back and I scratch yours; I punch for you today and you punch for me next". Nobody is going to flag anything amiss if the time is punched at the appropriate times. It doesn’t matter who punches the card, what matter is; the card has been punched with a time stamp. The punch card system is absolutely simple, inexpensive and requires no technical know how but the truth is, manual attendance system always put employers and business owners on the losing side due human factors and errors.

Biometrics technology also is not exactly new; it has been around for more than a decade and it has done amazing jobs to businesses far and beyond expectations. The appeals of biometrics system are simply on its accuracy and automation. It’s not magic; the matching technology of fingerprint and facial recognition leaves no room for fraudulent behavior to seep into your organization. No proof of the correct employee, no attendance will be recorded. The world has been buzzing about artificial intelligence, data analysis, IoT appliances, cloud technology, block chain and etc, but if a business doesn’t start automating its process, it might not survive the next wave of change.

Biometrics like FingerTec system automates attendance’s and door access’s data collection and making it easier for the management software to generate, calculate and analyze the data for better assessment and remedial actions. The convenience of biometrics solution is second to none because it can accomplish data collection faster than you can punch a card. It takes less than 2 seconds to verify an identity accurately. Automation is important because it saves time; eliminate errors and opens up efficient collaboration with other relevant third party solution like payroll for better performance and cost effectiveness. And most importantly, when the data is correct, ready and uniform, migration to other technology like cloud solution would be breezy for the future.

So, what do you say we set a date to biometricize your business operation?  

Contact to find out how.

Seriously, we are in 2017 and punch card system for attendance is so old school, even our grandpa knows with how it works. Undoubtedly...