8 Fun Facts about the BLE powered Beacon

Did you know that ……

1. Before the days of the BLE Technology, Beacons were typically referred to Lighthouses, tall structures that guide ships to navigate at sea. The BLE Beacon, however, is no light house.

2. The BLE Beacon is a small device that transmit signals. Designed on purpose to be low powered, and to emit short range signals at set intervals. Its short transmission range makes it the perfect device for providing location-based information and services, such as marking time attendance.

3. BLE actually stands for Bluetooth Low Energy, it is an enhanced and advanced version of the Classic Bluetooth designed by Nokia back in the days. BLE has come a long way from its predecessor, enabling a greater variety of functions and data exchange capability, including reporting Time Attendance.

4. BLE Beacons are easy to use, and apps such as TimeTec TA has made it so that users only need to Sign in, and with a single tap, you can mark your attendance in the office. Its technology, not magic!

5. Beacon is a widely accessible technology. Because BLE capability is found in most of our mobile devices today, Beacons are able to work on Android and iOS platforms on smartphones and tablets.

6. With BLE, Beacons maintains a very good battery life. Generally lasting from about 18 to 24 months, while some may even last over 5 years. Despite their reliability, Beacons don’t actually work that hard. They let Bluetooth do all the work, and Bluetooth is incredibly energy efficient. Even with a small sized battery, it packs a good punch.

7. Beacons are not just user-friendly, they are respectful. Because Beacon requires users to Opt-in for a successful pairing. It makes a secure, friendly and respectful device for Time Attendance.

8. When BLE Beacons are implemented with TimeTec TA in your office you can forget punch cards and access cards, all you need is your smartphone to clock in and/or out.

Try your hand at Time Beacon for Attendance using TimeTec TA mobile app and watch this video to know how easy it is to get your attendance data sorted out. Stay tuned for more info about beacon on this blog.

Did you know that …… 1. Before the days of the BLE Technology, Beacons were typically referre...

Smartphones Incorporated

There has always been a line separating one’s professional and personal lives until smartphones come along and make it blurry. When Apple debuted iPhone with it vast possibilities in mobile applications, people and businesses around the world rushed to build applications for almost everything. There are tons of office productivity apps out there waiting to be adopted. And organizations are constantly finding ways to make work processes more effective through smartphone applications for the benefits of the management and the employees alike. Nowadays, emails are coming through smartphones (because admit it, it’s simply easier to check emails on the phone than from a laptop) and you can easily consolidate your work emails and personal ones in one mailbox, and prioritize the senders. Microsoft has gone mobile with its Office software, making opening and editing Microsoft files a breeze from your smartphones, an impossible task to master 10 years back even when you were using a laptop.

Further tapping on the smartphone technology, workforce management Apps like TimeTec TA (Time & Attendance) is making its way to modern organizations where employees can clock their work times using various methods like Beacon technology, GPS and NFC tag. And from the smartphone also, the staff can check his/her work schedule, leaves, off-duty days, work performance and more for better management and improved transparency. All these features are available at a minimal rate and a lot of convenient. Leave management on a smartphone for example, allows application and approval from an app, checking of leave allowances, accrual and more. Basically, tasks that were administered by admin personnel in the office only can now be made simpler and faster through the wonders of apps and smartphones.

However, the smarter the phone gets, the more power it requires, forcing many to start carrying external or extra batteries. High technology like smartphone aka the pocket computer has room for improvement in terms of power consumption, radiation, and heat emission. Since the world’s smartphone ownership rates are rising at an exceptional speed, perhaps the Green phone, hybrid or solar powered phones are some of the things the IT world needs to explore for our better future.

In a nutshell, smartphones have become integral at the workplace because companies have made it compulsory for employees to bring one to the office for various reasons. Smartphone can no longer be considered one’s personal property; its functions has evolved and become a work tool for today’s labor (whether you like it or not). 

There has always been a line separating one’s professional and personal lives until smartphone...

Attendance & Beyond with FingerTec

FingerTec has been in the biometrics industry since the very beginning of the millennium and we had witnessed leaps of progress in verification technology over the years. In the early 2000s, people were talking about FAR (False Acceptance Rate) and FRR (False Rejection Rate) of fingerprint verification, and today the questions are shifted more towards the management software that comes along with the system. Biometrics technology definitely promotes honesty subtly, and it has been proven to be effective in eradicating ‘buddy-punching’ occurrences and dishonesty amongst employee because the machine only recognizes the owner of that particular biometrics. And the biometrics technology doesn’t stop at fingerprint; it also progresses to facial detection, iris recognition, palm and also voice recognition.

Apart from the effective method that biometrics features, most importantly, the use of this technology in the office automates the collection of important data required by today’s business. Biometrics system provides an attendance system that is complete with employees’ details and their daily activities, and by having this system, the Company can do more than just look at the attendance aspect of the operation.

In Ingress, TCMS V3 and TimeTec TA, a company can schedule staff’s timetables, manage roster distribution, simple leave management, shift assignments and etc. The data collected by biometrics technology offers companies a lot more to accomplish on the software side, enabling them to use the data to improve the efficiency of their workforce. TimeTec TA, the cloud solution for time attendance and workforce management, for example, is capable of tracing staff attendance even when they are mobile through TimeTec App.  The TimeTec TA gives more flexibility to the customers in terms of data collection and access to the data. On top of biometrics, mobile and web clocking, soon we are going to introduce Time Beacon clocking to collect attendance data. And in the near future, there are a couple more cloud solutions suitable for your organization added to TimeTec including TimeTec Leave and TimeTec Hire.

In conclusion, office automation is necessary for today’s business to go into the future because data is one’s biggest and most valuable asset these days. The cost to implement office automation might be a bit expensive but it’d be more costly if a company hesitates because the future demands for it.  FingerTec and TimeTec are tuning our solutions to prepare for the future and we hope that you do too.  

FingerTec has been in the biometrics industry since the very beginning of the millennium and we...

The Art of Selling Cloud

Sales are contingent upon the attitude of the salesman - not the attitude of the prospect, William Clement Stone. When we started selling biometrics solutions more than 10 years ago, we glorified Internet marketing to market our solutions globally without incurring exorbitant marketing costs for the activities. Marketing biometrics solution this way has been proven successful, putting us on the global map at par with other renowned brands of the industry. Now, selling cloud solutions poses us with another challenge of how to push these software products to the market effectively and sustain those customers for the longest time.

Who would be (most likely to be) using our cloud solutions? Do we anticipate small medium enterprises to start deploying cloud or MNCs would be the better potentials to take the bait? Identification of the right customers is paramount to determine how we focus and channel our resources to the target group. From our limited experience in the cloud business, the consumption of cloud is focused on companies around 100-3000 employees having multiple branches that require automation in attendance and a system that can handle staff mobility effectively. Knowing exactly what the right customers want, the tailoring of the marketing activities can be focused and carried out suitably. 

So what do they want, and how to identify the requirements? Selling cloud, unlike regular software, shouldn’t be tailored to each customer’s whims and fancies on customizations. However, it doesn’t mean that things get simpler, as the challenge would be to determine features that are beneficial to majority customers.  For TimeTec TA for example, the appeal is the accessibility, connectivity, scalability and ease of use, definitely. And with ample great features in the solution such as scheduling and roster management, the price USD2 per user per month justifies the investment. Selling cloud is consultative; where a salesperson should spend time with a customer to understand problems they are having and advising solutions from the software that can solve those problems effectively. While doing that, perhaps the salesperson can also identify some other problems that do not have the solutions yet in the product but could be developed in the next upgrade for the purpose of customer retention. In short, with cloud solutions, the progress never stops. 

Cost of customer acquisition is getting higher as we speak and it’s only wise to tap on the existing customers to cross sell and upsell our cloud solutions. TimeTec itself comprises of 8 cloud solutions covering 5 for the workforce management with TimeTec TA, TimeTec Hire, TimeTec Leave, TimeTec VMS, and TimeTec Mobile Workforce and 3 for security industry with i-Neighbour, EpiCamera and TimeTec Patrol. There is a high chance that if the customer is pleased with TimeTec TA, that they are going to move on to another solution that could ease the workload for example TimeTec Leave. Cross selling solutions to a client does not only cut the cost of customer acquisition but it also creates customer loyalty that goes a long way for a cloud brand. 

TimeTec is at the beginning of this journey and we are taking careful steps when walking on cloud business. We believe strongly that our solutions could make the working world a better place, and the only direction we have to go is up with TimeTec. With the support of all our global customers and resellers that have been with us all these years, we are confident that we could. Perhaps, we have not mastered the art of selling Cloud yet but with enough knowledge and practice, we are confident we’ll get there.  

Sales are contingent upon the attitude of the salesman - not the attitude of the prospect, Willia...

5 Common Attendance Cheats You Might Overlook

Under the assumption that every company has dishonest employees, businesses have to be aware of the tricks and tactics employees deploy to cheat attendance. Time cheating is a crime by law particularly when it involves civil servants. There are cases where people jailed for attendance fraud; hence employees shouldn’t take attendance cheating lightly. To avoid all forms of attendance cheating from happening, one must know the ways these people cheat.  

1. I’ll Be There For You (kinda friend)
This is perhaps the most common attendance cheat where one person clocks for his friends, who promised that he’d return the favor next time around. Because this cheat is so easily done, buddy punching is rampant amongst employees who are using punch time clock and some card systems that do not require any other authentication of the owner. Punch clock or card system is not dynamic, it cannot tell the difference between cheaters and honest workers. 

2. Touch n Go Attendance
Now you see me, now you don’t. This is the kind of employee who lets you think that he is available when in fact he is not present at your company doing the job he’s supposed to do. This employee ‘clocks in’ and yet he’d go somewhere else to complete his errands and come back to clock out and get paid. This scenario commonly occurs in an environment where door access activities are not monitored and the workers can enter and exit as they please. 

3. 1 Plus 1 Equals Two (...different individuals)
Biometrics system, even though unique and personalized, has its flaw too and once employee discovered the flaw, they tend to exploit. It’s usual for a company that’s using fingerprint system to recommend a user to register two fingerprints for one user ID; one to be used regularly and one as a backup in case of something happen to the first finger. To cheat the system, two good friends would share one User ID (with the permission from the admin, of course. When this happen, admin should be held responsible for fraud). For my user ID, one finger is mine, another is yours and for your user ID, we do the same. The system is not wrong, the people are. Biometrics system has improved leaps and bounds; so one fingerprint is enough for one user ID. Or, a company can impose a policy whereby any administrators caught jeopardizing the system could be heavily punished. 

4. Outstation Illusion
When employees are assigned to work outside of the office, how confident are you that they are on the job most of the time? Some would carry out the task for an hour and spend another 2 hours doing other things and claims for 3 hours. And there are some who didn’t even go but claim anyways because you simply have no proof of anything. To avoid this cheat, TimeTec Mobile has a solution for you. Explore now.   

5. Living on The Edge
These are the workers that clock in late but not THAT late and clock out early but not THAT early. They are living on the edge (so to speak) and in the end; it will cost you inflated cost because of the short additional minutes here and there, every day. Take charge by implementing a great attendance system that can manage those discrepancies and monitor your cost efficiently.

FingerTec provides biometrics attendance system for business and cloud attendance for effective management of your workforce. Inquire further at info@fingertec.com 

Under the assumption that every company has dishonest employees, businesses have to be aware of...