FingerTec Software Makes Way for the Superior Cloud Software. 10 Reasons Why You Should Elevate to Cloud, Now!

FingerTec biometrics are bundled with Windows-based software, be it TCMS V3/TCMS V2 for time attendance, or Ingress for door access. For the most part, the Windows-based software is able to fulfill the majority of our worldwide customers requirements. However, there are circumstances whereby the business requires more from a solution and this is where the cloud software like TimeTec steps up. 

Growing Business Needs Scalable Solutions
When the business thrives, the staff count multiplies and the management of employees become more complex for a Windows-based system to handle. Quantity-wise, Windows-based software has its own limitation, for example in Ingress when one customer connects 150 units in a system, real time monitoring is no longer an option and eventually the customer is forced to invest more on servers. The problem worsens particularly when the company has branches in multiple locations, mobile workforce and flexible working hours. With TimeTec TA, not only that it can handle unlimited FingerTec terminal connection regardless of the locations, it also can connect to the mobile App that can capture attendance through other ways apart from biometrics, such as GPS, NFC, Beacon and Wifi. TimeTec TA promotes efficiency with cloud technology.

Data is King
Data is an asset to any organization and people are talking about its importance now, more than ever. While Windows-based software such as TCMS V3 and Ingress contains important data, TimeTec cloud solution offers that and a whole lot more. TimeTec provides huge data storage without having to spend a large amount of money, and there is no limitations set on the number of connected biometrics terminals to connect to TimeTec. Data in TimeTec is accessible and available at all times on web and app for convenience.

Constant Update
How many times do you have to wait for your software to finish updating? Updating on Windows-based software stops you from using the system and worse, you need to repeat the process in every computer. Software update for Windows-based usually take months to be developed, so if there’s any bug or problem, you’d have to wait for the fix in the next few months release. Cloud solution like TimeTec updates automatically, regularly and quick so the next time you log into the system, you can see the changes and updates; time saving and efficient. 

Maintenance Free
The common rule when using any software is to perform housekeeping and maintenance by removing or archiving old data. The process is tedious and requires a dedicated personnel to perform this regularly. Software that hasn’t been maintained well will lag and prone to crash. That’s not the case with TimeTec cloud solutions. At TimeTec, the maintenance of servers and database are taken care of at all times. Users will be informed on scheduled maintenance date and time, and the down time will be very minimal to avoid any disruption to its users.

Better Server Performance
The capacity of a server in a Windows-based software depends on the PC, and for a PC to act as a server, a user needs to have a high spec PC; which will be very costly. Even then, there’s still limitation on the memory (RAM) which will reduce the speed of the software, server maintenance and so on. TimeTec solutions runs on the highly reliable and well known Amazon server, which is robust, stable and secure. Its huge storage and server facilities provides smooth and better user experience as a whole. Data in the server is also backed up regularly, keeping all data safe and sound.

Access from Anywhere
Windows-based software is not designed to work with Internet or with different devices such as mobile phone. Connection for Windows-based software is limited and cannot be used for companies with multiple branches from different countries. As TimeTec solutions are cloud based systems, users can access the solutions from anywhere, anytime from a place with  Internet connection. TimeTec mobile apps are also available for user to clock and view their attendance, leave information and more.

Shorter Implementation Time
As accessibility for Windows-based software is limited, implementation time for a new system would take much longer time than on cloud. On premise system requires the same implementation to be done at multiple locations, so you have to repeat the setup process every time. With cloud services like TimeTec TA, you can setup for multiple branches a lot more quicker as the setup is shared and will reflect at all branches. Admin also can make changes and it will reflect to all branches within seconds.

Data Centralization
Often times organizations face challenges when they have multiple branches in different locations. One of the challenges is data centralization. Admin from different branches need to compile and send information regularly just to update their HQ. TimeTec cloud solution eliminates this process as all data from the company will be in the same account and viewable at any time. Analysis and workforce overview are also available in TimeTec to provide a clear overview of the company’s workforce status. 

Better User Experience
FingerTec Windows-based softwares are designed for Admin view only; where the main objective is for Admin to process attendance data or control access devices. Normal employees have no access whatsoever to the system and can only wait for the Admin to confirm on their data. On the contrary, TimeTec cloud solution provides a platform where both Admin and employees can view, edit and approve data, allowing a two-way communication for a more transparent system. In addition, TimeTec solution is complemented with mobile app where the process of view, edit, apply and approve can be done straight from a smartphone. 

Mobile Friendly
Let’s admit it, mobile phone has become a necessity in our everyday life. That’s why TimeTec solutions offers mobile apps that compliment and complete the solutions. Users can clock their attendance, view schedule, request for OT approval and more directly from TimeTec mobile apps. This is not possible if you are using Windows-based software. Receive notifications, monitor attendance and overview of attendance in real time, straight from your mobile phone when you use TimeTec cloud solutions. 

Cloud is the future. Many organizations have moved to cloud and benefit from the system. If you are still have doubts about cloud, we offer 30-day FREE trial at so you can give it a try!

Free Consultation, contact and we’ll be right there with you. 

FingerTec biometrics are bundled with Windows-based software, be it TCMS V3/TCMS V2 for time attendance, or Ingress for door access. Fo...

Security Redefined for the Minimalists

What comes to mind when one thinks of security? The image of a heavily guarded premises with tough and muscular bodyguards enters the mind. This kind of representation is not totally wrong though. Security has always been associated with iron shields, vaults, locks and bolts; the image of bravery and security. Nevertheless, secured premises shouldn’t exude cold and uninviting vibe, especially for businesses that rely on the customers presence.

TimeTec BLE-2 and TimeTec Security App duo present a more welcoming feeling that matches the open and minimalistic feature in which modern companies are striving for without compromising the security at all. TimeTec BLE-2 controller can seamlessly be installed out of sight and the system shifts the control entirely to TimeTec Security App on the mobile. Simply connect TimeTec BLE-2 to TimeTec Security and unlock the doors straight from the App via 4 options: Tap to Unlock, Voice Command, Auto Unlock and scan QR Code. Through bluetooth low energy connection, the Mobile App will then send the command to TimeTec BLE-2 controller to unlock the door as well as keep the transaction details for future reference.

Simplicity and minimalist feature of TimeTec BLE and TimeTec Security redefine security for the modern days. Security doesn’t have to be rigid and uninviting, choose TimeTec for a secure, cozy and inviting work premises.

To enquire or purchase TimeTec BLE-2, contact today and enjoy 20% off, offer ends 31 December 2018.

What comes to mind when one thinks of security? The image of a heavily guarded premises with tough and muscular bodyguards enters the m...

How Does Biometrics Fare Going Forward?

Commercial biometrics system continues to show growth in years to come. The CAGR for the global biometrics system market is reported at an impressive 16.3% and the main factor for this prediction comes from strong support by the government worldwide to embrace biometrics system deployment in departments and organizations. The increasing demand for better security to combat unauthorized access and attendance fraud is also another factor contributing to the growth. The fact that biometrics is suitable and applicable to varied sectors which includes government, military, transport, logistics, safety & security, healthcare, banking, and so forth, will definitely continue to contribute in the growth as well. Adoption of the biometrics market in smartphone, PCs, and banks also helps to propel the growth of the biometrics market.

Based on the top findings of the IBM Security’s new “Future of Identity Study,” having surveyed nearly 4,000 adults around the globe, Biometrics is becoming mainstream. The study found that 67% of respondents are comfortable using biometrics authentication today, while 87 percent say they’ll be comfortable with these technologies in the near future. And, Millennials are moving beyond passwords. While 75 percent of millennials (respondents between the ages of 20 and 36) are comfortable using biometrics today, less than half are still using complex passwords and 41 percent reuse passwords to access numerous accounts. Older generations showed more care with password creation but were less inclined to adopt biometrics and multi-factor authentication. (Reference:

The rosy outlook on biometrics has provided industry players with a promising future, however, complacency has no place in this competitive market. For a brand to stay relevant, it needs to elevate the offerings in order to serve the demands of the current and future market. Due to the growing demands from the government sector, it’s a pressing matter for manufacturers to start offering mammoth-capacity options or solutions to fulfill the huge requirements of the projects. And, with these gigantic-sized government projects, the accompanying solution has to cater to the large requirements and perform at its best or risk major hiccups in its implementation. In addition, in other industries, employee mobility is becoming a norm, and the mounting adoption of mobile solutions in the market has created new demands on features such as data centralization, flexible system operation, real-time data & reports, fast respond, additional mobile apps for mobility and the list of requirements is growing. Therefore, geared towards the future, TimeTec will be launching the Face ID X with bigger capacity and better performance to fulfill a larger installation, and on top, TimeTec has been preaching cloud since 2014 in preparation for the incoming demands for flexible and subscription-based solutions. 

TimeTec TA caters for cloud-based time attendance solution for the workforce that offers not only integration with FingerTec biometrics, but it is also loaded with other clocking options such as GPS clocking, Wifi clocking, Beacon clocking and NFC for a versatile attendance clocking system. TimeTec TA is gaining traction in the market due to its effectiveness, affordability and the addition of its mobile solution that comes with the system as a value-added feature. TimeTec TA elevates biometrics solution to another level which enables an array of possibilities in the deployment. 

For access control, TimeTec Access, a mobile authentication cloud-based door access system, is THE solution. With the combination of biometrics, IoT hardware, and cloud solution, TimeTec Access will enable more effective management of access control straight from any Web Browser and operation through Smartphone App. The implementation of TimeTec Access with biometrics will provide companies with remote monitoring ability and instant data & report at all times, and in a long run improves the ROI for the overall door access management.

Biometrics is here to stay but in order to stay relevant and forward-looking, a brand has to provide a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and be able to satisfy the current requirements and more. Explore to find out more. 

Commercial biometrics system continues to show growth in years to come. The CAGR for the global biometrics system market is reported a...

A Little Black Box of Possibilities

Credentials on a smartphone have been used widely since a few years back with the introduction of barcodes for access in cinemas. At the onset of this trend, cinema assistants would scan the code on your phone before permission was given to enter the movie theater. After some time, cinemas started using QR code so moviegoers can do it themselves by scanning the QR code to access the flap barriers. 

This practice somehow introduces smartphone access slowly but steadily to the masses. 

Taking it a step further, TimeTec is now offering door access via smartphone App, TimeTec Security to the market. Just by using TimeTec Security App, a user can access doors and barriers via a smartphone. Not only that you can tap to unlock the door, the App also offers another 3 ways of unlocking method to suit your preference. The introduction of TimeTec Security App replaces the function of a credential and now, the keys to your room are your smartphone. But how would a smartphone App knows which door to open? 

All of this smart access control is made possible by a little black box known as TimeTec BLE-2. This is a Bluetooth Low Energy controller that makes the connection between the App and the lock possible through BLE signal. The process is simple, install the BLE-2 and connect it with the smartphone as well as configure the door settings via the App. The admin of the locks will then be able to provide access to those authorized, and the App can even contain many locks at once. The deployment of BLE-2 in door access control is not only simple, it’s affordable and the control of it is portable. TimeTec BLE-2 controller is likewise designed to be compatible with access barriers for human traffic and vehicle traffic.

Watch these videos for more information about TimeTec BLE-2 and TimeTec Security. 

Credentials on a smartphone have been used widely since a few years back with the introduction of barcodes for access in cinemas. At ...

Exploring Access Control in the Smartphone World with TimeTec Access

Technology has always brought about change to various industries, and one of the industries impacted by technology is indeed Access Control. The industry has been dominated by smart card deployment and later on, disrupted by biometrics technology, freeing consumers from physical keys dependency. And recently, its development has been more focused towards the wireless market with the adoption of smartphone credential, Bluetooth technology and the usage of Near Field Communication technology is omnipresent in today’s default smartphones.

According to a research, it is projected that by the year 2020, the number of smartphone users will hit 6.1 billion from the current 2.5 billion users worldwide. There is without a doubt a fast growing and maturing wireless market out there, signalling the importance of mobile device integration for the existing market and beyond, for all kinds of system deployment. When almost everything can be accomplished via the smartphone ’s interconnectedness, access control is left without a choice but to explore its advantages.

Understanding Access Control as a Service, ACaaS

The trend now is no longer only about convenience in the way we open doors, it has been extended to the convenience of managing the entire spectrum of access control system. Adoption of mobile credential allows door owners to keep digital records of all access activities occurring in his/her premises and on top of that, smartphone credential can be assigned securely via temporary passes issued for certain individuals and for a limited time only, complete with detailed access records.

And the more important factor that enables all these is the introduction of Access Control as a Service or ACaaS.

Take TimeTec Access, for example, this solution offers a more simplified version of hardware that has to remain on site; however, the software and all servers will be removed from the customer’s premises and will be managed through cloud servers, with smartphones acting as a major access credential replacing cards and fingerprints. Access credentials or traditionally known as keys to open doors has evolved significantly and with the power of cloud computing and mobile technology; the credential management for physical access control system has been shifted to a smartphone without any hassle because let’s be honest, people are stuck with their smartphones most of the time these days.  

Along with smartphone comes access control Apps that are taking over major access control features effortlessly. Important controller features like interlocking, anti-passback and global anti-passback and many more are now switched over to the Application in the smartphones for convenience and better control. Smartphone credential also offers viewing of activity logs and much more in real-time as well as with so much convenience; it is even possible for a mere normal user to view his/her own activity logs through his/her smartphone, and users can preset all access levels and rights via their individual smartphone.

Another important issue handled by the ACaaS would be data security because the server facilities are located remotely and renowned data centres usually are heavily guarded with video surveillance and other tight security measures to ensure that the data is far from harm and penetration attempts. Cloud-based system allows authorized individuals to access and control from anywhere in the world through the standard internet communications protocols, WiFi or Ethernet infrastructure and using cloud-based access control system, users can utilize the Web Browser or Mobile App to manage access or unlock doors from a distance. By using smartphone access credentials to unlock doors, the Cloud-Based Door Controller authenticates on location and allows access.

Every event at every access point provides a communication report to the Cloud Server allowing monitoring of all facilities in real-time seamlessly.  While traditional access control system usually needs to station individual server in each premise for the company that operates in multiple locations, the cloud system can centralize and manage multiple locations’ access control system from one centralized location only, providing a truly convenient modern solution. All communications from TimeTec Access Control System Server are secured with 256-bit AES encryption and through the use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. SSL provides endpoint authentication and communication privacy – preventing eavesdropping, tampering and message forgery. The cloud-based system is built on an open-source platform that is flexible.

Be Secured Without Putting A Hole in Your Account

You can implement the solution at the smallest scale, like managing a single door opening at a single location or you can add hundreds of locations and thousands of doors using one system to provide a globally distributed multi-location access control system. The cloud-based access control system does not require huge capital investments because the cloud solution usually offers a monthly or annual subscription pricing model. Hence, the cost of deployment has been reduced to a bare minimum with no hefty contract obligations.

TimeTec Access deployment incurs a low total investment particularly for facilities with low door count because you neither need to invest in any servers nor the maintenance that comes with it. TimeTec Access is cloud-based, which makes implementation of this solution at various locations with centralized control feasible with minimal equipment. You only pay for what you use, and the price does not fluctuate for a small deployment or a large one because the costs for a cloud-based solution like Time Access are moved from capital expenses to operating expenses.

TimeTec Access has a highly reliable data centres to maintain entry/exit logs and we maintain a rules-based alert to ensure exception situations get addressed appropriately and in time. TimeTec Access allows system management from anywhere in the world and from any locations. You can manage thousands of credentials and doors, create logical groups across physical locations and manage access schedules in real-time seamlessly and without any worry. Gone were the days where one lost credential could cause havoc and require physical presence to solve it. Application and data in TimeTec Access are hosted in physically secure co-location facilities and we have redundant servers to ensure better uptime and no data loss. All communications are highly encrypted and TimeTec Access deploys our patent-pending two-layer authentication, first in-App verification and followed by a BLE authentication for a secure access.

Using smartphone as a credential for access control is just the beginning of what’s to come. Developers are using the technology to input more features, making the application more sophisticated and secure than ever and some allow access via proximity,  some tap on voice control, and the possibilities are endless.

Explore TimeTec Access and TimeTec Security to understand the future of access control.

Technology has always brought about change to various industries, and one of the industries impacted by technology is indeed Access C...