Keeping Holiday Productivity High With FingerTec

During the holiday season, the time clock becomes more akin to an exam that you did not study for – the incentives to cheat it are higher. Employees want more time off, employers offer higher compensations for those working during the holidays, and everybody’s affected by the usual holiday spending. In other words, workers feel the extra pinch during the holiday season and want to take advantage of the higher wage offered during the period but do not want to spend too much of their holiday at work. What a conundrum! Bearing that in mind, some would assume that it is in some way okay to cheat the time clock. The lackadaisical enforcement of workplace rules during the holidays only adds to the potential for time theft.

Biometric time clocks protect employers from fraud, while enabling them to clearly gauge the extra work and effort contributed during the holiday season. This, in turn, will increase the efficiency of the company in the sense that only those who truly put in the extra hours will be properly rewarded. Unlike dated punch card systems or clock-in software, one can’t fool the fingerprint time clock software. Buddy-punching, signature-forging or password-sharing are no longer options for the labor time thief as simply having the system in place – and letting people know there’s no way to fool it – is deterrent enough. Unless of course, an employee would actually sever their finger and pass it on to a colleague in which case you should absolutely consider sending that worker to a shrink.

It is a shame when time thieves and people who actually do work extra hours are compensated all the same. Traditional workplaces are challenged with this issue, and it often ends up with low motivation among the workforce. The employees who actually work within the clock get frustrated when seeing their peers work around the clock, and in extreme cases, may even choose to leave the company. Imagine how serious this subject is, as on top of the company having to inefficiently pay wages to the time thieves, they would also have to tackle the matter of lower productivity, morale and increased turnover rates. Update your workforce management technology so it will no longer happen in your company!

By Ryan King, Online Marketing Director, FingerTec USA

During the holiday season, the time clock becomes more akin to an exam that you did not study for – the incentives to cheat it a...