Walk Your Brand

Thursday 26 July 2012 0 Comments

The concept of brand is not as highly sophisticated or far-fetched as what many brand consultants and branding agencies have been trying to make business community believe. They ought to rake the dough while many are still in the blur of the subject matter.

Personally, I don’t think there is a specific formula for a company to follow in order to produce a successful brand in a specific time period. Of course you could set aside an awesome budget and plan for over the top branding activities to highlight your brand but don’t confuse advertisement and marketing activities as brand, it’s part of building a brand but it is not the brand itself.

How do you feel when you see Apple products? What words come to mind when you see Dell? What feeling do you relate when Coca Cola is mentioned? How about Honda? It’s all about feelings; it’s all about human emotions. That is what branding is, in my humble opinion.

For me, Apple products are stylish and reliable. Dell is cheap if you know DIY but lacks user-friendliness. Coca Cola is fun and full of memories, Honda is dependable. 

Brand is totally about consumer perception. No matter how much brand awareness activities are being carried out to make your customers believe what you want them to believe about your brand, when you don’t deliver your brand’s promise, negative perceptions start to form in your consumers’ minds. And if this perception is not corrected instantly but further strengthened by constantly failing to deliver the promise, the brand is still forming – just that it’s not to your preference.

Every brand has its personality and personality is best described with human terms. When you deliver what you want people to believe about your brand, then you are on your way to having a promising brand.

FingerTec’s brand essence has always been about making things easy for our clients. And trust me that on our side, the tasks have never been easy. Nonetheless, we take the pleasure knowing that FingerTec is easily implemented and support is available everywhere to help our clients the world over. Occasionally, there are some glitches we need to rectify and the respectful teams are always dedicated to deliver. At FingerTec, the objective of delivering “ease of use” has been communicated throughout the company and everybody is aware of what we have to do.

Taking things a step forward, soon FingerTec will be making things easier with the T-box package for TimeTec Web.  The T-box will simplify implementation of TimeTec Web where we have pre-configured everything for you to ease your work. We’ll offer packages that make system deployment easy and hassle-free. One package solves it all.

Say what you want about a brand, pepper it with great slogans but at the end of the day if you failed to deliver the talk, you fail. Walk your brand.  

by Norana Johar, COO, FingerTec HQ

The concept of brand is not as highly sophisticated or far-fetched as what many brand consultants and branding agencies have been trying to ...