Taking Attendance to The Cloud

Wednesday 4 July 2012 0 Comments

I have a BSc degree in Psychology but never once in my life have I had someone lie on a couch, paying me to listen to their problems. That would be nice while I'm having pistachios and a cup of coffee on the side and money pouring in the bank, wouldn’t it? Kidding! The truth is, I've been working in time and attendance technology for more than 12 years now, right from the time fingerprint technology was still a novelty. But the focus has always been on the fingerprint or biometrics technology, and it was transparent in the way we strategically positioned and marketed our products worldwide. Over the years however, not only did the technology improve in leaps and bounds, the time attendance technology also has evolved to become a vital tool to measure workforce’s efficiency against costs spent.

The importance of the time attendance software is apparent and it has taken over the focus from the hardware itself. TCMS V2 is deemed as one of the powerful time management softwares in the industry and from merely being a complimentary software with a few basic features, it has gained such popularity and importance that we are now bringing it to another level, up in the cloud.

Attendance on cloud via TimeTec Cloud gathers all workforce data in a remote server to be accessed by relevant people through the Internet. Subscribe to the service to get ahold of the transaction data and the reports at any time. This concept is not new yet it’s not widely available in various industries. We want to offer it for office automation. TimeTec Cloud lets you take charge of your employees via TimeTec Mobile and Web Check-ins even when they are assigned with assignment outstations. Casually keeping track of your staff, so to speak. 

Why attendance via cloud? Because at the end of the day, you are not concerned about the hardware that you installed in your premises, it’s the quality of the time spent by your staff in completing the company’s plans and goals is your priority. And TimeTec Cloud gets you to manage your team of employees better at minimal costs, less maintenance hassle and through a user-friendlier system.

I’d love to have someone on my couch paying me to listen his problems but it’s also a fact that he would have to pay me extra if he takes 10 more minutes of my valuable time. Time equals cost/money and if you could better use the time of your employees, I’m pretty sure you’d like to subscribe to the latest TimeTec Cloud we offer. It's be up and running pretty soon but first, you could learn more about it more in www.timeteccloud.com and for those who want therapy, you know where to find me. 

Again, put down that phone, I’m kidding!

by Norana Johar, COO, FingerTec HQ

I have a BSc degree in Psychology but never once in my life have I had someone lie on a couch, paying me to listen to their problems. ...