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Tuesday 23 August 2011 3 Comments

A must-have at Tia's restaurant
My husband and I asked our 6-year old daughter about her ambition, and she replied us confidently. “I want to open a restaurant.” We were caught by surprise because we thought that she was going to give us a cliché answer like teacher, engineer and/or lawyer, as we both did when we were at her age. Apparently, this was not just a random idea of hers. She had thought this through and she has had several discussions with her 5-year old playmate, whom she’s going to employ as a manager. “The next step for me is to find a cook,” she told us. “Why don’t you cook yourself?” we asked, playing along as we went on. “I’m the owner of the restaurant, so I don’t cook. I just need to hire someone who knows how to cook delicious food.” Quite a clever strategy, we thought.
Her mind is set to open an Italian restaurant that serves a variety of breads, pastas and pizzas. The important thing is, her restaurant must have a menu for kids. Kids are always her priority since she was three. Once, we went to a place that served spicy food for kids and my daughter complained “This restaurant only thinks about money, they don’t care about kids” And we couldn’t agree more. How could you serve spicy fried chicken to kids? It doesn’t make sense, does it?
She has the location in place though she doesn’t know yet that property in Kelana Jaya could be pretty expensive by the time she’s ready. And she plans to open the restaurant on a 24-hour basis because when people need food, they have her restaurant to go to. I told her that she’s going to be very busy and the cost would be high to maintain a 24-hour restaurant. “Well, McDonald’s can do it, why can’t I?” another answer that we didn’t expect. In my daughter’s head, everything is possible if you put your mind to it. Her business sense amazes us. She wants to provide the best food and the best services to her clients at all times. She also told us that only relatives would get a 10% discount and parents can eat for free, while other clients must pay in full. Quite the joker, my daughter, isn’t she?
At FingerTec, providing the best products and the best services have been our constant goals all these years. We have new product line ups with technology improvements to meet customers very soon e.g. TimeTec, TimeTec Mobile, Face ID3, R2c. Also starting this year, we have introduced additional support hours for our online and email support, and we have been able to satisfy a lot of customers during those hours.
To take a step further, FingerTec is planning to offer a 24-hour support system very soon to serve our customers’ in different time zones around the world. Initially, we won’t be doing 24-7 system yet; but that’d be our ultimate goal. We are confident that we will be able to achieve this. After all, “If McDonald’s can do it, why can’t we?”

by Norana Johar, COO, FingerTec HQ

A must-have at Tia's restaurant My husband and I asked our 6-year old daughter about her ambition, and she replied us confidently. “I wa...