Once Upon A Time...

Wednesday 15 June 2011 0 Comments

Children love to listen to stories. My daughter couldn’t wait to listen to my bedtime storytelling every night. Generally, we love to indulge ourselves into other people’s tales through stories and books. Stories ignite imagination, they create excitement, they build anticipation, they spark ideas, and with stories, a connection is forever established between the readers and the storytellers. The impact that stories have on people is strong as while images are built around those stories, values are created along the way and an identity is established.

I bought How Starbucks Saved My Life six month ago and it moved me. I felt like quitting my job and applying as a barrister at the nearest Starbucks in town. Well, that was absolutely only my imagination and entirely not true but the story made the Starbucks brand looks like such a good employer. A read on Richard Branson’s Losing My Virginity also connects me to Virgin as a brand that is young, fun and adventurous, even though I’ve never experienced anything Virgin, pun unintended. There are tons of books written about successful brands like Google, Nike, Adidas, Apple, rock bands, fashion icons etc. The feud between the Dassler brothers, who founded Adidas, gave birth to the Puma brand; between their sneaker wars and world domination, they provided their brand enthusiasts connection and emotion to the brands that they are wearing. The fact is, every brand has its stories and customers subconsciously connect to these stories.

FingerTec has its own bittersweet story of how we built this business from ground up, stumbled upon a success that led to a failure and in the face of adversities, bold enough to make a drastic change to become one of the most successful, Internet-savvy and user-friendly biometrics brand in the world. While the FingerTec story is juicy, the more important stories for the business would be the success stories from around the world contributed by our esteemed partners. A story does make a whole lot of difference. The image of a company that purchased 1000 units but having no success stories would look smaller than a company that purchased 100 units but having stories about how and where they installed all the FingerTec units. Relationships between potential clients and your company would be instantly established once they read the story.

One or two stories a month should be sufficient to build your company’s library of success stories, a reference point for your potential clients to read and to get excited about owning FingerTec branded goods. If a successful bank is using FingerTec biometrics systems, what are the reasons for other banks to stick to the conventional one? A small office is having FingerTec as time attendance system and they are satisfied by its performance; that could create interest on other companies that have similar setup to explore further into FingerTec.

There are a lot of excuses not to do it but there are a lot more advantages of doing it. Don’t dwell on who’s gonna read it?.. because trust me, there are people who would read your stories. If you would like to send FingerTec installation success story to us, you are most welcome to do so here.

I would like to end my story today by asking you a question: where have you installed FingerTec terminals all these years? The answer to that question could sprout your very own success story.

Children love to listen to stories. My daughter couldn’t wait to listen to my bedtime storytelling every night. Generally, we love to indulg...