Casual yet Committed

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I would like to present to you a thing or two about FingerTec's team in Malaysia. Are you ready?

What makes an employee turnover low in a company? Salary and benefits are definitely priority for some but when it comes to ambiance, i'd say the priorities get reorganized. Environment sets the mood right, it provides motivation, it creates excitement. When we have something to look forward to in the office, work feels good. I have been in the company for many years and I’ve witnessed progress that FingerTec made from an organization that’s formal and very work-driven to a more casual team of staff without compromising on our commitment to our level of work and our provision of good service to our clients.

For a start, my relationship with my boss is very easy going in the sense that I could talk to him about almost anything under the Sun. He opens to ideas, suggestions and comments, and knowing him for years, I would describe him as a laid back person who possesses a unique leadership style. Everybody in the company is aware that he knows about everyone but at the same time, everybody knows that he's not prying into our lives.We are free to use Facebook and the Internet at all times but one thing he always makes sure is that we finish the assignments he sets for us or we'd get an earful. The trust he provides to the staff and I is valued, as without that it's quite hard to progress and achieve the goal for the company.
As a leader, I believe in getting down and dirty to show (your staff) what matters. During our early years, I was there with them during good and bad times. Everybody knows me well as a person who solves problems. No matter how hard I talk/scold to them, they’ll be lining up in front of my room to talk to me, either on work related matter or personal problem because the fact is, I listen. I’m the kind of person who gives it to them straight, someone like Simon Cowell in the office. It might hurt sometimes but that’s the truth that they want to listen to. I think an office that provides comfort and friendship is the one that’s been binding us together as a family.
Tamy joined the company at her tender age of 19. She has grown in leaps and bounds over the last few years, in personal as well as in career. One quality that’s priceless in Tamy is her care for people. Her heart is close to her clients; she’d try her very best to fulfill whatever requirements you have. A person who’s very hard to get angry no matter how hard she’s been provoked. I value Tamy as a part of the marketing team for her great values and positive attitudes. Most of the time you couldn’t hear her talking but she types as fast as lightning on her keyboard, ‘talking’ non-stop with her clients. There’s a case when a customer from Africa asked Tamy to help him buy him a tv in Malaysia and even though I discouraged her, she believed that this small favor could strengthen the relationship between FingerTec and this company, and she was right. After her lasik operation last year, specky Tamy has transformed to be a very beautiful swan.
Natt on the other hand is quite serious when it comes to business, if I might say so. She does as you say and won’t take any nonsense for an answer. Nonetheless, she’ll assist every customer the best way she could, she’d go to great length to make sure that you get the best service from us, so long as your requirements are legitimate and logical. But if you mess with her, you can expect a cold response, though she’d help you still. Natt also has been with the company for a number of years, everybody went to her wedding last year and she’s expecting a baby in August. And by the way, her full name is Nattalina Zainal. Many mistakenly write Nathalin, Natalie, Natalini, and best of all Mrs Zintal. Natt is a person of many talents; singing, dancing and crafts are some of her best skills. Don’t you ever dare her to salsa; she’d shake your world goooood!
When it comes to Ms Nisha Tara Naidu, I think she’s God sent. Haha! In FingerTec, there are so many things to write, if we could sell these writings, we could make millions. I have been handling the writing tasks since 2004 and glad that she joins the team. She joined us last year after a string of interviews, fresh from college. The level of professionalism she shows is at its absolute best even though she’s in her black jeans, t-shirt and flats every single day. Nisha has the sweetest smile that can light up the whole of Kuala Lumpur, and a weird sense of humor. Her latest book purchase from Amazon is 5 Reasons to Punch a Dolphin in the Mouth by The Oatmeal, go figure.
Regielou Rolloque is a Pinoy who joined us in 2007. She has a degree in Psychology and a deep passion for language, which explains her proficiency in Spanish. One time, we had two clients from Venezuela and I was nervous that she couldn't converse in Spanish as we claim her to be but she carried the conversation like a telenovela actress. As far as I've known her, Regie to me is a very quiet girl who always like to be alone and eat organic fruits. But once in a while she'd blurt a loud laugh over a joke. She's also an avid fan of Harry Potter and probably has a wand in her drawer, looking at us as if we're plain muggles. In business, with Regie, WYSIWYG -- what you see is what you get. She's straight to the point and very serious when dealing with customers.
Benacer Douadi is another expatriate in our team and he's been with us since 2008. Originated from Algeria, Ben is a warm person who could be friendly with customers on the first meet. He is a qualified veteranian, who always has his soft spots for animals. He speaks Arabic and French well and he likes to fool around with fellow colleagues. Knowing that Nisha is the number one fan of Adam Lambert, he told Nisha that there was a concert of Adam Lambert in Korea during our company trip there. Poor this girl, already planned to book the ticket only to find out that it was a total hoax. We had a good laugh that day. Ben has opened Middle East market for us with his understanding of the language and culture.
The only boyz-to-man in Sales and Marketing is Mr Curtis Tan. He was with us for quite sometime before he quit to pursue a career in Singapore. Fate brought us back together and now he’s handling international sales and marketing. Curtis has his own charms and wits when dealing with customers. I sense that customers are always at ease when he’s around. He brings with him loads of humor into the office but when it comes to handling business, he never jokes around. Curtis speaks pure Singlish in the office but when he picks up the phone, he sounds like an Englishman. “Hello.. this is Curt..tis. How may I help you, mam” With the exposure that FingerTec provides to him, we believe that he’ll grow into a man sometime soon - you know that I’m joking, don’t you?

The incomparable Mr Ricky
Ricky a.k.a Mr Licky is our beloved brother. Sometimes he reminds us of the Oscar winning film, The King Speech. You have to have some patience when talking to him but he’s adorable to say the least. One day I heard a blasting laugh from the team. Mr Ricky had said in the phone “Hello, I’m Licky, can I speak to Mr Lion?” We were wondering "Who on earth would name their son Lion?" then we realized it was actually “Hello, I’m Ricky, can I speak to Mr Ryan”. Chinese always have problems pronouncing an "r". Instead of an "aaar", it sounds like "el". And he joined the laugh, realizing what he’s just said. Ricky is in charge of the Malaysia sales and his years of experience in the business gives him that edge when dealing with customers.
Ms Kartina Azlina or better known as Tina has a calming effect on clients. Since she took over the local sales, the figure is getting bigger and better because she uses her special voice when she talks to clients. It’s like the power of a woman’s voice in TomTom, a portable GPS car navigation system, and I’m telling you we have lots of male clients. Well, the fact is, Tina is the person who takes care of your needs all the time. She’s flexible, considerate and most of all kind-hearted.

Curtis, Tamy, Natt, Nisha, Tina and Yours Truly.

All in all, the message is clear. We are a bunch of casual people that are committed to our work in FingerTec and take pride at the fact that FingerTec is an organization that cares. We do like to mess around and have fun once in a way, but this is what keeps our flexible and adaptable personality that is, in fact, vital when it comes to dealing with our variety of customers, from young to old, from easy going to extremely picky. Take this opportunity to join our facebook community and get closer to us. Business is one thing but isn’t it good to have a healthy relationship on the side? ☺

by Norana Johar, COO, FingerTec HQ

I would like to present to you a thing or two about FingerTec's team in Malaysia. Are you ready? What makes an employee turnover low in ...