10 Things Uniquely India – At least from my observation

Friday 24 October 2008 0 Comments

Last week I was in New Delhi for the second time, attended IFSEC India 2008 with our partner, Compax. Here are 10 things I observed which are uniquely India!
10. Auto is the king of transportation
The auto can get you almost anywhere at the cheapest price and the fastest way. Hop on any of those and enjoy the traffic of Delhi!

9. There’s something about Indian guys hair
Even the cartoon characters have Indian hair and the sideburns. Not a single strand is out of place and it stays neat throughout the day. They must have received some kind of training during childhood on hair maintenance.

8. Healthy snack is everywhere
Nuts, peas, dhal, rice with onions, green chilies and tomatoes combined is heavenly. Sweet potatoes, refrigerated water everywhere. What’s not to like?

7. Natural mouth freshener

As natural as you can get…

6. Crowded redefined
Nearing Diwali, the Indians started to shop and in places near the Jama’ Mosque, India gives me new definition of crowded. And it was C.R.O.W.D.E.D!!!!

5. Honking is a culture
You honk to avoid people banging you, you honk to avoid being banged, you honk to say you are there, you honk for fun, and you honk just because you are alive.

4. Cricket is life
I went to India Gate and saw every guy in Delhi trained and played cricket. Soccer is just netball for Indian guys. :-)

3. Negotiation is in their blood
When people said INR 1000, I said INR 5000, and I thought I was good. This is how you SHOULD do it.
You: How much?
Seller: INR1000.
You: What? This thing for 1000 rupees? INR250!
* If they didn’t budge, just walk away. You will get seal the deal in 5 seconds.

2. Vegetables are in huge demand!
Even the ice cream experts is a pure vegetarian. My friend from Chennai told me about this new development, “Chicken is a vegetarian”. And we argued the whole night about this new development and we plan to continue this argument next year.

1. Hospitality is No. 1

Indian hospitality is No. 1, the first time I went and the second time around. Thank you guys for the warm welcome and the lovely stay. India rocks! That's me in Indian traditional attire. Happy Diwali to all my Indian
friends and clients.

by Norana Johar, COO, FingerTec HQ

Last week I was in New Delhi for the second time, attended IFSEC India 2008 with our partner, Com pax. H...