Advanced Access Control Market

FingerTec Ingressus Controller
When we planned a step forward by including control panels in our product line two years ago, a string of other considerations followed. This was unlike merely adding a new reader with improved features to our product line, even though on the surface business still runs as usual.

Control panels or controllers in an access control system are not like rain that drops onto a pond, stirs a ripple on its surface and settles thereafter. The controller as a major core component for the advanced access control system just wouldn’t align to fit into our existing business system, it’s like having a different stream of water that runs across the pond, a separate pathway is needed to contain the stream.

Centralized IP Access Control Topology
When controllers were introduced, it forked the access control system into two topologies; it has added a centralization option to previously distributed systems; and it provided an increase in professional concerns.

Access control system also have become increasingly complex since the introduction of TCP/IP communications, and a great deal of people in the industry who remember the good old days of the proprietary RS485 communication system are now somewhat frightened because the TCP/IP network needs of each security system element must be planned beforehand in conjunction with the needs of all the others, especially when often associated with business information technology systems. We are lucky because we are from the IT background, and always welcome and embrace the new era, yet we still have to address the following shortcomings.

Advanced Access Control System
Firstly, the features provided by the simple access control module in our TCMS V2 software were limited because our main concentration was in time attendance. Secondly, in the access control segment itself we needed to shift focus from securing individual doors to securing entire premises. Thirdly, it would be a new learning process for some of our resellers to market the advanced access control system.

Our R&D team spent two long good years to come out with our very own comprehensive access control software, Ingress to tackle the first obstacle.  For the second concern, we integrated video monitoring system via Milestones, developed cloud surveillance and apps on remote access as well as addressed the issues on alarm, sensor and etc.

And for the third hurdle, we just launched, a sub-portal that includes all key topics regarding physical access control as a resource center for our resellers and customers. We have a few hundred resellers in around 170 countries; quite many of them are still fresh and eager in the controller/access control business. To think about access control as a holistic security system, they have to upgrade their knowledge, and this portal helps in both marketing and supports.

We surely understand the importance of the continual research and development for Ingressus controllers and Ingress software; and more system integrations to turnstiles, visitor management, lift control, and patrol system; and content enrichment of our web portal. No problem. It’s in our pipeline, and we love new challenges.

We came in a little late, but given some time, we have the confidence that we can play catch-up and stand tall with the lot of the market leaders.

Selling standalone access control readers confine us to a small world but with controllers, the world is our playground and we could have the keys to unlock more doors and opportunities.

And is just one of them.

By Teh Hon Seng, CEO, FingerTec HQ

FingerTec Ingressus Controller When we planned a step forward by including control panels in our product line two years ago, a string o...