TimeTec Says Hello 2018!

Friday 29 December 2017 0 Comments

2017 is a year full of interesting challenges and the major one for us to solidify our footing as a cloud solution provider for the workforce and security industry. In 2017, we have had the pleasure to serve various large corporations from diverse industries in the local market as well as in abroad with TimeTec TA, and this experience has provided us with invaluable feedback from the real consumers for system and feature improvements. The market responds well to our solution and it's been accepted around the world without many glitches. Due to the market growth and our immense enthusiasm for cloud development, our R&D team size has multiplied and we are adding more members into our sales and marketing team to preach cloud to more companies out there. More and more amazing features have been added into the solutions to the benefits of our subscribers without imposing them with additional charges and we keep on finding ways to improve on the user experience and the user interface of our solutions. In 2017 as well, i-Neighbour comes along and dangles its sexy ideas of managing visitors into a gated guarded neighbourhood using mobile coupled with the promise of a more modern community living through IoT integration that makes the market salivate for more. The i-Neighbour team has been supremely busy throughout the year meeting interested parties who are keen to explore the solution further. Overall, the rising demand for cloud solutions has made us feel excited to enter into 2018. So, what’s in store for 2018. TimeTec workforce management subscribers can look forward to a more wholesome array of solutions which include attendance, leave, profile and recruitment that can be integrated with one another. Customers can pick and choose the solutions suit to their companies and look forward to a more modern and better process automation. i-Neighbour will be introducing more IoT solutions such as smart lock, smart lift, smart barrier and don’t forget to look out for Smart Sensing that can trace the changes in your surrounding environment in order to make informed decisions about your quality of life. Yes, bring on 2018. We are thrilled to install more FingerTec biometric solutions around the world and more importantly, we are excited about the prospect of cloud businesses and we’ll strive to achieve cloud-awesomeness in 2018 and beyond. 

2017 is a year full of interesting challenges and the major one for us to solidify our footing as a cloud solution provider for the ...