5 Workforce Management Issues Biometrics Solution Can Fix!

Workforce management gets tougher when the staff count gets larger. Micro managing employee is definitely ineffective and placing total trust on employee also is counterproductive when it comes to dealing with juvenile and conniving staff.

What could be the quick and effective fixes to this remedy workforce management problems?
Here are 5 common problems every office is facing and let us explain how biometrics system can repair them.

Issue: Persistent exploitation of loopholes!
Can the user cheat the attendance system’s record? If a staff can clock in for someone else’s time, there’ll surely be cases where the attendance data is not entirely honest and accurate. Could someone else cover for a job without the superior knowing about it? If someone could bring a stranger into a workplace without being detected, someone would. When employees know the loopholes, someone would exploit it to his benefit, for sure.

Biometrics Fix: When you are whom your body parts say you are, only then your time attendance data will be recorded and door access will be granted. The biometrics system will not allow a fake to proceed, and a fake doesn’t deserve to be in a good company.

Issue: The belief that stealing time is not damaging!
Many employees have this notion that it’s okay to spend company’s time leisurely without even care about the consequence. In business, time equals money and stealing company time can be equated with causing company extra unnecessary operation costs.

Biometrics Fix: FingerTec system records each employee clock-in time, break times, clock out time and overtime accurately based on the employee’s own activities and the times will be matched with the company’s time policy. Hence, if company allows only 10 minutes grace period, and the staff enters the office 20 minutes late, the staff’s record will be reported as 10 minutes late complete with the total late time. If a company doesn’t allow employees to clock in early for overtime, early comers will not cause company extra money. Evidently, each person has a price tag and each minute equals to a sum of money.

Issue: Staying Old School is Always Cool!
When it comes to managing workforce such as maintaining manual attendance record, this old school attitude would spell disaster in many aspects including dealing with data inaccuracy, time-consuming data entry, no linkage to other solution such as payroll, difficulty to trace historical data and many more which in turn would cause a company more money to manage a manual system rather than investing in automated biometrics system.

Biometrics Fix: Biometrics system such as FingerTec is designed to automate time and attendance scheduling process and data collection, and the data is not only accurate but it also can provide reports to the management as and when required plus it’s easily integrated with a third party solution to achieve efficiency and better productivity.
Biometrics prevent someone from stealing your identity
Issue: Data is Isolated!
Companies assume that time and attendance data or door access data could be good for only payroll and not for other purposes. However, having a pool of useful and accurate data describing productivity of your workforce could help the company achieve better than before.

Biometrics Fix: At this day and age, connectivity is utmost important because it’s time consuming to do double job and data is supposed to better lives. By using biometrics solution like FingerTec, you can switch to deploy cloud-based attendance system like TimeTec TA that allows companies to access to data at anytime online and gauge the productivity accordingly plus data will be available on TimeTec Mobile to cater to staff’s mobility.

Issue: Daunted by Change because Change is Complicated!
Some businesses are intimidated by high technology and thinking that a biometrics system would be expensive, hard to maintain and complicated!

Biometrics Fix: FingerTec is a biometrics system that has been made easy for all customers. The implementation of the hardware is straightforward with a lot of user guides and support available online on various channels. The complementary software, Ingress and TCMS V3 are offered in MS access and MySQL and for those who prefer his data to be online, TimeTec TA is available for time and attendance to be used with hardware that have PUSH technology. The automation of workforce management will better improve any company’s operation and it would save a lot of money in a long run.

Interested to deploy biometrics time and attendance system or door access system, contact us at info@fingertec.com (Ric/Faza)

Workforce management gets tougher when the staff count gets larger. Micro managing employee is definitely ineffective and placing total...