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Definitely amazing! The much-anticipated cloud computing solution for time & attendance management, TimeTec Cloud is officially launching on 14th January 2014 and FingerTec Worldwide is offering many promotions to commemorate the occasion. As TimeTec Cloud Marketing Manager, I'm obviously excited for the date as it's the culmination of months of hard work. You'll notice the changes on a few places all over the Internet, such as our main websites and Facebook pages. On top of that, we've also made sure that all potential users and resellers will gain something valuable from the launch - that's a promise! Read more to find out what we've done and what's in store for you on 14th January 2014.

To help users transition to TimeTec Cloud as easily and hassle-free as possible, we've arranged a HUGE savings package for potential users - register within 2 months from the launching date and get unlimited TimeTec Cloud licenses for one whole year*. Yes, this may sound like it's too good to be true but there is simply no strings attached. The TimeTec Cloud marketing team and the FingerTec management has worked out what has turned out to be an offer that simply can't be refused, so remember to come for the launching!

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Who likes saving money?
Benefiting the users is only one part of the equation, as there's good news for resellers as well. Each FingerTec terminal bought for activation with TimeTec Cloud will qualify the authorized FingerTec Reseller for a rebate - meaning that you'll profit even more when deploying a TimeTec Cloud solution for your client*. Coupled with the promotion for users, TimeTec Cloud is simply too tempting for resellers not to sell. 

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Who loves making money?
On top of the sales promotions, we've also put into gear some other activities to create some buzz for the launching. Among the other things we've done that you may have already noticed so far:

Dedicated countdown timers on www.fingertec.com and www.timeteccloud.com:
FingerTec TimeTec Cloud Launching Countdown
One of the countdown timers

Blasted email campaign to all resellers:
Don't miss out!

Scheduled THREE extra Webinar sessions for TimeTec Cloud:
Register NOW
All these promotions and campaigns are done in addition to other activities, such as the  extra marketing work on the FingerTec Worldwide and TimeTec Cloud Facebook pages lately. We've come a long way, and I'm 110% anxious as to what is ahead for us at the official launch tomorrow. I can't guarantee that there'll be massive traffic until our servers crash (we've taken precautions) but I can guarantee that everyone in the TimeTec Cloud Marketing Team will give it our all come 14th January 2014. Hope to see you there at www.TimeTecCloud.com, and don't forget to wish me us luck. Cheers, everyone!

By Ms. Nattalina Zainal, TimeTec Cloud Marketing Manager, FingerTec HQ

* Terms and conditions apply. 

TO THE CLOUDS Definitely amazing! The much-anticipated cloud computing solution for time & attendance management, TimeTec Cloud ...