5 Reasons to Use FTDP

Not sure if FTDP is right for you? Let me help! 
Like most other Muslims, I’ve been thinking about food a lot lately. It comes with Ramadan, I suppose. So here’s my question: If I had to choose between two plates of free food, one plate containing 5 pieces of chicken worth 5 dollars and the other containing a small piece of caviar worth 20 dollars, which plate would I choose? Would I go for what’s more filling or what’s more rare? Should I choose what I could finish eating only? Could the original financial value be a factor as well?

See, the choice may seem simple at first, but if you think about the pros and cons of both alternatives, you’ll realize that the answer ultimately comes down to your situational needs and wants. This also applies to FingerTec Data Processor Application, aka FTDP. The application is definitely not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution, as TCMS V2 or Ingress would have more comprehensive features, but there are 5 main reasons that may require you to use FTDP instead. Read more to see the top 5 situations that would be best solved with FTDP.

Basic Data Transmission 
Why use a cannon to shoot a mouse? FTDP is suitable for users who are looking for basic data transmission functions using terminals without having to print reports or perform any configurations to the time attendance settings. This applies to those who do not intend to use the SDK for any integration to a third party system and makes FTDP the more convenient choice if you’re looking to just transmit simple data from your terminals, as opposed to a more comprehensive application.

There's always a use for flexible friends
Need for Raw Data in MSSQL
Why do you need a flexible friend? Although FTDP can be used in less complex situations, the application can also be installed to work with an MSSQL database so that a third party software plug-in can access transaction data with ease. This is appropriate when users would prefer doing basic configurations to enable integration with a third party software, such as a payroll system that has been in use by your company. For more info on how to perform this configuration, please visit http://www.fingertectips.com/2012/02/ftdp-mssql-installation.html.

Managing Multiple TCMS V2 Accounts 
Why shouldn't bigger bodies get more access? FTDP can also be used as a bridge to connect multiple TCMS V2 accounts among users in a network. This makes it possible for more than one person to access data from terminals, and shows that the application is suitable for use in larger-sized establishments where multiple employees across the company are given access to the TCMS V2 software. For more info on how to perform this configuration, please visit http://www.fingertec.com/technicaltips/Aug2011/vol04/082011-tips02.html.

Simple Transactions Management Software 
Why go for Lasik when all you need are glasses? For home users, FTDP can act like a simplified version of TCMS V2 that can be used to extract data stored on a FingerTec device. This is because the FTDP application is able to download the transaction logs saved into the database, and export them into different file types, such as TXT, XML or HTML formats. This makes viewing and sorting these data as simple as walking in the park.

Fried food seems good to a fasting man
Simple User Management Software
Why spend on 12 pieces of chicken, when you only want to eat 5? For simple applications, FTDP can also function as a user management software when paired with an OFIS scanner or MIFARE card reader. This enables enrolment of users via fingerprint, card & password without having to invest more heavily in a biometric terminal, and is suitable for an economical deployment among a smaller group of employees.

As shown above, FTDP has its own unique advantages that make it more appropriate under certain situations. If you’re still not sure about what you need after reading this article, contact our helpful people at info@fingertec.com and we’ll try our best to assist you. Now, if you don’t mind, I want to prepare for Iftar. All this thinking about fried chickens and caviar is making me hungry. Til my next post, guys!

Written by Aidid Sharulzaman Arifin, FingerTec HQ, Head of Support

Not sure if FTDP is right for you? Let me help!  Like most other Muslims, I’ve been thinking about food a lot lately. It comes with Ram...

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