Get a Fingerprint Door Lock If You're Home Alone

Kevin McCallister could have saved himself a heck of a lot of effort if he had a fingerprint door lock. All of those traps he planted around the house to prevent a robbery by the "wet bandits" must have been a real pain to clean up after the whole debacle. Of course, life in the early 1990s was not as advanced as it is today. And if for whatever reason you want your home to feel safer when everyone's out and away you can depend on finger scanner technology to deny door access to any strangers.

Biometric technology has surfaced as one of the most reliable forms of security. It has proven to be reliable in offices when it comes to door access and employee clock in software. So much so that it is even being implemented for personal use at home. When you buy the H2i Home Package from FingerTec you get not only the door lock, you get the emergency break glass, a rechargeable backup battery, a key switch, and more!

With a finger scanner installed you can still use your original door locks, just consider this an addition to the safety of your home. The system is very easy to install and it's just as easy, if not easier, to operate. It can be used on the main entrances, bedroom doors, home studios, garages, etc. It's an all-around smart device to own.

by FingerTec USA

Kevin McCallister could have saved himself a heck of a lot of effort if he had a fingerprint door lock . All of those traps he planted aroun...


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