Embrace the Change: Time to go with the flow

Tuesday 24 May 2011 0 Comments

“Sometimes wishes do come true”. This line will forever be engraved on my iPad 2 and in my heart as a reminder of the day I got lucky at work. The day that every confirmed staff at FingerTec Worldwide was given an iPad 2 as a reward and motivation for the contribution they have done.
So, to avoid the havoc of iPad 2 frenzy at the shops, I placed my order online, where I could personalize it with my own little engraving. After two weeks of constantly and tirelessly checking the delivery status in the Apple store, my brand new angelic white iPad 2 arrived safely at my doorstep at work. It’s definitely worth the wait. I parted with my first iPad with a couple of tears down my cheeks and embraced the new, much slimmer one.
What I love about the iPad is its limitless possibilities. Anything can be anything. At this point in time, I think we haven’t really seen much yet but the things we’ve seen so far wow us. The apps I’m most in love with are the amazing magazine apps i.e. Oprah, TIME, Esquire, Vanity Fair, etc. Absolutely gorgeous e-magazines to keep me informed and entertained all night long. They offer me more than just text and stories. The pictures are breathtakingly HD, incredible videos are embedded in the stories, purchases can be placed instantly, personality quizzes can be completed with a few clicks, and the list goes on. Not only does it save a lot of trees, the price is even heaper than the ones on the mag stand. When we watched the Harry Potter movies a few years back which showed pictures in the newspaper talking and moving, we thought.. wow, that’s magic. Lo and behold, the magic is in our possession with this iPad mag apps now. And to me this is the real magic of technology.
And at FingerTec, we ride along with the technology be it social networking, team viewing, etc. The latest venture is the iphone/ipad application that we are building for FingerTec, which will be made available by next month. I have seen the app, and I’m loving it. I have no doubt at all that all partners and clients would gleefully welcome this new effort by the CEO. The image it adds to the brand would be tremendous but most of all, it makes things even easier to everybody. Many question our efforts in this area because FingerTec is not a consumer product but we refuse to be that mouse that asked “who moved my cheese?”
For the uninitiated, “Who Moved My Cheese” is one of the motivational book bestsellers, and the moral of the story is simple. If you can’t change, you will lose out on opportunities.
We applaud the effort by Technology Line of Egypt to set up their own FingerTec Facebook account, one small step could lead to one big impact. We appreciate the effort of our clients who sent in successful FingerTec implementation stories to show the world how FingerTec system could benefit them. We love the newly revamped website of FingerTec South Africa that features FingerTec so boldly. We are pleasantly surprised to see the number of followers in FingerTec USA twitter. We love the fact that promotions are carried out through social network. The efforts do not cost a lot but the impact would be tremendous if everybody plays their part in making FingerTec a popular brand.
Just like Newton who was inspired by a falling apple, iPad sparks ideas, and with those ideas consumers are presented with a huge range of possibilities. To say that I admire Apple for its technology is an understatement.
For those who are adamant to stay with the conventional way, are you not inspired by what’s going on around you? Change is definitely inevitable.

by Norana Johar, COO, FingerTec HQ

“Sometimes wishes do come true”. This line will forever be engraved on my iPad 2 and in my heart as a reminder of the day I got lucky at wor...