Nothing is Trivial When it Comes to Your Brand

Wednesday 12 January 2011 0 Comments

Apparently, nobody paid attention to the sole until Louboutin and his brand is uber-expensive, catered for the rich and famous
Over the years, I’ve had my shares of experience dealing with fussy clients. A mere deviation from uniformity such as a slightly different color of one back plate from the rest of the other 100 units would prompt them to send us a long “love” email. Just one terminal’s sleeve is tighter than another and our salesperson would get an earful from our beloved customer. Imagine when their problems are major. Subsequently, somebody in the office would have to wear a Troy-like costume when providing answers as to why it (the problem) happened. The reason that FingerTec takes this ‘trivial’ matter very seriously is pretty simple, what good is a brand if it cannot satisfy customers in the most minor of matters. Pixar goes to great lengths with their short film before or after an extraordinary great animation movie just for the fun of it. Louboutin paints the sole of his heels red just to create a difference.
A brand that decides to ignore the simplest complaint will be on the way to doomsville. There were many good brands that remained as history just because they let things happen. The position of a brand is not permanent, not invincible. I would like to quote Heidi Klum who frequently delivers this line in her unique voice, “In fashion, one day you’re in, the next day you’re out.” The same is true when it comes to business. A lot of work has to be invested into maintaining the brand position. A brand is definitely not just a name slapped onto a product. Of late, we can observe many so-called brands popping out in the market especially in the apparel business. Look closely; many of them do not even care to hire a seamstress. A good brand always pays attention to the tiniest details, regardless of whether it’s visible or not to the buyers.
FingerTec is a now a brand of biometric products. We started off with a name and we built on that name, slowly and steadily with sincere intention in mind, to make things easy for everybody who experiences FingerTec’s products. That is our brand promise. Once we start to deliver otherwise, we will then not be keeping the promise and the effect might be catastrophic to the brand itself. Therefore, no matter how much work we have to do behind the scenes, no matter how much sweat, tears and blood (perhaps not) we have to spill, we intend to keep our promise intact.
Keep those complaints coming no matter how trivial they are, we like to listen to you and improve upon our weaknesses. Direct your complaints to or to me at

by Norana Johar, COO, FingerTec HQ

Apparently, nobody paid attention to the sole until Louboutin and his brand is uber-expensive, catered for the rich and famous Over the ye...