You Think It’s Easy Buying A TV?

Tuesday 16 November 2010 0 Comments

It might be a bit embarrassing but this is my confession. I’m a tv addict. I use a lot of my waking hours watching television instead of doing something productive. But that’s not the embarrassing bit. I just changed my 29’ basic mundane tv to a Plasma HD just last Sunday. That fact is thwarting for a self-proclaimed tv addict. Personally, I’m a bit slow when technology is concerned. Like a snail, I’d like to know what’s hitting the rabbit upfront. Television technology has transformed tremendously since the black and white in a box that could be transformed into a vintage aquarium era. The decision of the tv companies to hire crème de la crème for their research and development team has finally paid off with the introduction of sleeker and slimmer televisions with picture quality so good, you thought you were in a Gold Class cinema at Pavillion (a posh shopping center in a middle of Kuala Lumpur) minus the sweet caramel popcorn. And now I need to change my cable to Beyond and my DVD player to Bluray to experience the awesomeness of modern television.
It’s not easy buying tv these days. You can’t walk in and say, I want to buy a color tv please. The sales person would stare you in the eyes and interrogate you like nobody’s business before recommending you to a biased-choice, the brand which provides him the better commission. Familiarize yourself with the terms before you even attempt to step into the shop. What’s HD? What’s plasma? What’s HDMI? What’s analog? What’s LED, LCD, Flat TV? Do you need extra cabling? Can you do your own installation? How to do the settings? Et cetera…et cetera. Samsung even goes a step further and introduce 3D tv, which I think is a bit premature at this stage considering that contents are still scarce. And now also, you cannot settle with only 3C! They have introduced 4C in the newly advertisement by Sharp. At last they figured out how to add the yellow. Pffft..
The size of the tv is also another matter to discuss about. A 29’ inch would invite smirks in the faces of relatives who come visit. The owner of a 55’ would purposely invite neighbors over for an afternoon tea to watch soap even though she hates making tea. Our world has truly changed as at 2010 with new tvs, Facebook, Twitter, online shopping, fake faces and etc. What could be expected of in the next 10 years?
My point is, technology changes at rapid pace and those who slack off would be left so far behind, you wouldn’t be able to catch up. In 2000, I was so afraid to scan my finger during an exhibition because it’d take me countless time to get verified. In 2010, I can scan in less than 1 second and I can even scan my face and get verified. Not only that, now I can scan my finger AND then scan my face for better protection.
FingerTec is always finding ways to improve ourselves and introduce better products that are up-to-date with the latest technology. We are also using the latest technology to support you constantly without any extra costs to you. Come 2011, we’ll be introducing interesting new products and accessories that would make your business thrive even further. This new year also, we will be a better company that promotes a better cause. I am excited to welcome the new year, how about you?

by Norana Johar, COO, FingerTec HQ

It might be a bit embarrassing but this is my confession. I’m a tv addict. I use a lot of my waking hours watching television instead of doi...