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Tuesday 24 August 2010 3 Comments

There is a television ad going on in Malaysia right now where a lady was torn between a locally made product and an oversea made product sold at the same price. When feeling the local product, her recollection of childhood’s memory came flashing back and she ended up buying it; the product/brand was sentimental to her. Both my husband and I rolled our eyes in disbelief. It’s a bit pretentious, isn’t it?

AirAsia is always preferred by many because of its pricing strategy

Between a renowned world brand and a locally made brand similarly priced, no way we are going to choose a local brand, unless it is also a renowned world brand. And I believe majorities of people are on my side. It’s not about me being less patriotic or I have lack of nationalism, it is simply about brand value.
Renowned international brands are preferred because of their higher brand values. Between a Proton and a Honda, the only factor that drives consumers to choose the former is the price. If both are offered at the same price, I doubt anybody would go for the former. It’s nothing to do with loving the country less, as a consumer we are just being sensible and looking for the most value for our money. Royal Selangor, AirAsia, Secret Recipe, Maggi, Stage Makeup are all good international brands and they are local brands as well, and consumers would be willing to pay extra for the experience, wouldn't they?
What separates a good brand and a substandard one? Quality. Customer experience. Appeal. Prestige. Presumed or not. It doesn’t matter where the products are made of as long as the brands fulfill the expectation of the consumers. Good brands usually do. A lot of Nike’s products are made in Malaysia but Nike is not a Malaysian brand. There are a lot of clothing lines made in Bangladesh but certainly not the brands originated from Bangladesh.
FingerTec is a local brand but we aim to play at the international platform and indeed we are thriving around the world. We don’t beg that consumer purchase our products just because we are Malaysian product; we want that decision be made based on the fact that our products fulfill what they desire as a consumer. And we are certainly proud to be a Malaysian brand that’s making its mark around the world.
Exactly one week from now the nation will celebrate its 53th year of Independence. We have come so far since 1957 and I believe that the nation has the capacity to go even further with the right plan, determination and attitude. Happy Birthday My Malaysia. I heart you.

Jalur Gemilang is the nation's beautiful flag

by Norana Johar, COO, FingerTec HQ

There is a television ad going on in Malaysia right now where a lady was torn between a locally made product and an oversea made product sol...


  1. Hello Norana, I was searching for bits and pieces of KL's history via Google came across your site.
    I am very impressed with your beautiful blog, as well your stylish eloquence.

    Couldn't help smiling re your choices of foreign and local made stuff.
    Today, practically everything made in China.
    Surprisingly, one day I balek kampong, and bought about 30 t-shirts to present to friends.

    Later was informed, "Hey Lee, this made in Malaysia". And I had bought them here in Toronto, Canada, ha ha. Talk about bringing arang from Newcastle.

    I guess it's human nature...the mangos at neighbour's house always sweeter, ha ha.
    You have a pleasant buka puasa, a happy hari merdeka, and keep a song in your heart.
    Best regards, Lee.

  2. Norana, me again. Noticed you degree holder in Psychology, read minds. Outstanding!
    I did two courses in Psychology....but no Black Belt like yours, ha ha, only a biru one.

    I read handwritings (studied in UK). Was a part time professional graphologist, (forensic) now retired past 10 years since Incik Bill Gates and Incik Steve Jobs took away our pens, ha ha.

    I used to give talks in colleges, as well held discussions with cops. Long ago would 'assist' my police friends about those suicide letters, wife tipu husbands, vice versa, etc....dapat minum teh tarek know la what Malaysians can be, not all. Ha ha.
    You stay young and keep well,Lee.

  3. Hi Uncle Lee,
    Thank you for your comments to my humble blog entry. And I'm sorry to have taken years to reply. Hari Raya and my trip to Istanbul are my excuses. Great to know you and I'll read your blog when time permits. Professional graphologist is an interesting profession and I'm happy to get to know one. Until later, me writing something about istanbul. :) have a good day, sir.