FingerTec Answers 8 Weird Questions!

After more than a decade of traveling the world dealing with marketing biometrics technology, FingerTec team has been bombarded with a bunch of funny yet weird questions coming from various people from all around the world. We list down here 8 most weird questions to date.

Question 1
“Can I use chopped fingers to report attendance?”
Dude, what are you doing with chopped fingers inside your pockets; FYI Acrotomophilia is a mental sickness and to carry it around for attendance is totally mental. FingerTec biometrics terminals do not accept dead fingers; we are always pro-life.

Question 2
“What happen when someone ugly-looking uses Face ID?”
(We swear at least three people asked this question) He/she might wish someone else’s name appeared on the screen. With 99.9% accuracy, FingerTec’s face recognition terminal will show his/her face and his/her name in a mere second. FingerTec system doesn’t discriminate.

Question 3
“My wife complains that she couldn’t get her fingers verified when using biometrics system.”
May we suggest that you hire a maid or help around the house, sir? Excessive use of fingers especially when doing house chores with chemicals would destroy the fingerprint ridges on the surface of the fingerprints, making identification of minutiae points difficult. Wash that bathroom yourself sometimes, we suggest.

Question 4
“Do you have any footprint verification machine?”
FootTec is taken and the machine’s price would be as large as Shaquille O’Niel’s shoe size. People would have to take their shoes and socks off, and it’d make foot fetishists very happy. Looking at the possibilities, we would say no.

Question 5
“Why can’t we register 10 faces for a person in Face ID when we can register 10 fingers in your fingerprint devices?”
We do not recommend the use of Face ID for selfies. Face ID is for time attendance and door access system; one face for one person should be sufficient to verify that person’s identity but we do provide a maximum of 2 face templates per ID to cater to people who wear glasses, like Clark Kent aka Superman. Register your face with and without glasses in one user ID and you are good to go. And just so you know, each of your finger is different and a system can cater up to 10 fingers as backup in case Question no. 1 happened.

Question 6
“Can these fingerprint data be used for other criminal purposes, like rob a bank?”
Refrain from watching too much Heist movies and Criminal Minds. FingerTec’s fingerprint templates have been engineered with a set of algorithm making it suitable for time attendance and door access purposes only and the reverse engineering is not an option.

Question 7
“Some claims that the use of fingerprint machines can cause itchiness. Does the device produce some kind of radiation from the fingerprint scanner?”
Keep Calamine lotion in your bathroom and carry on, even though we know scratching is satisfying. FingerTec’s fingerprint scanners do not emit any harmful radiation to humans or animals as it is just LED light and the products have been FCC and EC proved. A visit to a dermatologist is highly recommended.

Question 8
“People say that it’s easy to duplicate fingers using silicone and you can use these fingerprints on any device”
FingerTec is hiring. Access to this page:
Unless someone has the access to a money vault, nobody is interested to duplicate his/her fingers. And if he/she has the access to a money vault, why do you think he/she needs to report attendance? FingerTec terminals do not accept silicone fingers, we stick to humans.

To get your hands on FingerTec biometrics technologies, contact us at 603-80709933 or email us and access our website at

After more than a decade of traveling the world dealing with marketing biometrics technology, FingerTec team has been bombarded with a b...


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